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  • G R Sinha added an answer in Engineering & Technology:
    What is impact factor of the journal "ENGINEERING, TECHNOLOGY AND APPLIED SCIENCE RESEARCH" ?

    how I can verify the impact factor of the journal ENGINEERING, TECHNOLOGY AND APPLIED SCIENCE RESEARCH ? In Research Gate this journal shows 0.43 Impact Factor while in JCR list i am unable to find this journal. Is this journal have impact factor ?

    G R Sinha

    Agree with Prof. Mahdy.

  • Sunil Kumar KN added an answer in Cosmetics:
    Fat-Oil soluble proteins or fractions?

    In cosmetic preparations in particular skin care products Fat-Oil soluble specific proteins are required, but how can this be dissolved? Which agents are to be used and what is its safety? 

    Sunil Kumar KN

    If those fat soluble proteins (FSP) are from some specific vegetable oil like oilve oil, the source oil can be used as such in the form of an ingredient (in fact there are creams with olive oil, almond oil etc). If the FSP/lipoproteins has to be isolated from specific oil of your interest, you have to precipitate it from petroleum ether soluble portion of the oil, using water saturated n-butanol. The precipitate thus obtained will have protein as well as carbohydrates, the lipoproteins have to be further separated using starch gel gel electrophoresis.


  • Valsa Remony Manoj added an answer in Nitrification:
    As nitrification inhibitors fertilizers act on the activity of Nitrosomonas bacteria?

    What fertilizers nitrification inhibitors have considered that affects the activity of bacteria Nitrosomonas? As this process occurs? Does this not affect the activity of other microorganisms that are present in the soil?

  • Udaya Kumar asked a question in Electrodeposition:
    Range of values for electrodeposition of Nanowires???

    For the fabrication of nanowires using electrodeposition method and alumina templates some journals are available. But, the corresponding values for the fabrication using electrochemical workstation are not reported or very less details are available. What is the reason?

  • Varun Chitransh added an answer in Electrical Engineering:
    PSIM - multisine signal generation ?

    How to generate multisine perturbation by means of a dependant voltage source driven by a look-up table in PSIM.

    Varun Chitransh

    Dear Philippe Manoudian, can you please provide me psim version 10, or any crack download link.

  • Hakeem Ayomi Sanni added an answer in Fixed Cell:
    An addendum to my earlier question?

    The idea of fixing the cells with 4% Paraformaldehyde/ ethanol is to make sure the cells do not wash off and are still present during the whole process .
    So if I wanted to do this experiment the steps I would follow would be to

    1. Remove media in which cells are initially growing
    2. Wash gently with PBS without disrupting cells too much
    3. Fix with 4% PFA for 10mins at room temperature
    4. Incubate with mix of Calcien-AM and EtBr in PBS/serm free media for 30mins @ 37degrees

    Now my doubts are should i skip step 3 and just go directly to step 4 or what other steps do I need to include so my staining works perfectly.

    Hakeem Ayomi Sanni

    Hi Rafik,

    Thank you so much. Yes you did clarify my question. I am deeply grateful for your help. 


  • Akila Mwongozi asked a question in Divorce:
    How does divorce affect black and white children differently?

    Myths about divorce

  • Zuhayer Ahmed asked a question in Adipose Tissue:
    How subcutaneous insulin resistance develops? Any literature confirming its mechanism?

    Degradation of insulin by adipose tissue and muscle have been reported. But I need more details.

  • Dong-Bin Kwak added an answer in FLUENT:
    Setting the Velocity Magnitude and Direction?

    Hi again,
    I am trying to understand how the setting of inlet in the FLUENT, specifically, the Velocity Magnitude and Direction. Someone could explain me, please?
    I'm working in 3D domain.

    Dong-Bin Kwak

    Dear Bianca Hülle

    set the boundary condition : velocity inlet first, 

    and then, in the Momentum tab 

    you specify Magnitude and Direction in the Velocity Specification Method tab 

    you can specify the value, what you want to simulate. 

    If you need some additional help, you can ask anything about this.

    From Dong-Bin Kwak.  

  • Tarek Ahmad asked a question in DMSO:
    Which solvent should be used if compounds or extracts (lipid extract) are not soluble in DMSO for in vitro anti-inflammatory cell culture techniques?

    i tried to dissolve my foot lipid extract from a mollusk in DMSO, however it seems to be insoluble in DMSO even in low concentrations. could you please suggest any other solvent which could dissolve lipid extracts and must be safe for cell culture and doesn't interfere with the anti-inflammatory results.


  • Mohamed A. A. Mahdy added an answer in DNA Staining:
    Can I keeping Hoechst DNA staining slides for long time?

    I am trying to store my slides carrying stained DNA using fluorescent dye (Hoechst DNA staining) for a long period of time. how can I do it?,...Do you have any advice?

    Mohamed A. A. Mahdy

    we use Hoechst for nuclear staining in immunofluorescence. 

    usually we cover using VECTASHIELD Antifade Mounting Medium

    and keep in dark place

  • Mohammad I Al-Wabel added an answer in Biochar:
    Can biochar be an alternative to Soil organic matter?

    Keeping in view the nutrient and water holding capacity and effects on microbial activity of soil amended with Biochar, Can Biochar be an alternate to SOM?

    Mohammad I Al-Wabel

    I dont think the biochar will replace the OM in soil as it is more stable and will not add any material to the soil with decomposition.

    It is good to enhance the soil charac. but still soil need OM for elements, while biochar is not a good source for this

  • Dakshita Joy Sinha added an answer in Clinical Dentistry:
    Which is better in tertiary dentin formation; MTA,Biodentin or Bioaggregate?

    please provide the links in support of your answer

    Dakshita Joy Sinha
    Thanks Abu-Hussein! Can you please provide me with the evidence for the same? Would be grateful!
  • Devi Balchand added an answer in Management Accounting:
    Ple anyone recommend some good text books for Advanced Management Accounting

    ple anyone recommend some good text books for Advanced Management Accounting

    Devi Balchand

    J. L. Zimmerman, 2014, Accounting for Decision Making and Control, 8th Edition. McGraw-Hill Higher Education. ISBN-978-0-07-131475

    I am using Zimmerman currently.  It is advance meaning you have prior knowledge or you can easily get lost.

  • Krishnan Umachandran added an answer in Sprinkler Irrigation:
    Is there a paper about comparison of furrow, drip and sprinkler irrigation?

    I need papers or your answers about the comparison between these methods of irrigation particularly about soil moisture and nutrient movement, as I need that at my Ph.D. studies 

    Krishnan Umachandran

    Irrigation scheduling is to increase efficiencies by applying the exact amount of water needed to replenish the soil moisture to the desired level. Appropriate irrigation schedule saves water and energy. Therefore, it is important to develop irrigation scheduling techniques under prevailing climatic conditions in order to utilize scare water resources effectively for crop production

  • Sivateja Kasireddy asked a question in ANSYS:
    Is there any possible way to generate S-N curve for a beam with known properties in ANSYS?

    Can anyone help me, how can I do fatigue analysis o in ANSYS and extract S-N curves?

  • Vijay Gupta added an answer in Thyroid Cancer:
    Why does pediatric thyroid cancer have larger tumor size than in adult?

    Hello everyone,

    Currently I am studying on pediatric thyroid cancer. In my study, pediatric thyroid tumors were significantly larger than adult tumors. This finding was also noted in a number of previous studies. I tried to find out a possible answer for this finding but i could not find the answer in previous studies or even narative reviews. Can anyone help me to answer or suggest related articles?

    Thanks a lot ;)

    Vijay Gupta

    The pediatric body is tuned to grow. It is full of growth factors. These growth factors create a fertile ground irrespective of benignity or malignancy.

  • Palak Thakor added an answer in Project Proposals:
    Can anyone guide me where can i put the Project for Conservation of house sparrow?

    I want to start working on house sparrow i need guidance where can i put project proposal.

    Palak Thakor

    Thank you

  • Casey Furlong added an answer in Water Resources Management:
    What are some of the major challenges in regulating water services?

    I am looking at the application of regulation to the water sector drawing on both local and international experiences and identifying similarities and differences in regulatory approaches across sectors. Other queries include: Can an “independent” regulator regulate a state water company and what are some of the implications and challenges?

    Casey Furlong

    Whether independent regulators are useful or not is an interesting question. Firstly it needs to be made clear that there are multiple types of regulatory functions in the water sector.

    I think most people would agree that an independent regulator is important for environmental regulation. Someone needs to set limits on the amount of nutrients that can be safely directed into rivers, lakes, and bays for example. These limits then need to be applied to all water utilities fairly, implying the need for independent regulators such as the EPA.

    Implementing an independent regulator for financial regulation is is far more difficult to achieve. I know in the UK this has been an issue, where public regulators play cat and mouse games with private water companies in regards to how they set prices, how much they reinvest in infrastructure, and how much they are allowed to profit. In places where water utilities are not privatised, independent financial regulators are sometimes charged with deciding whether water utilities are building unnecessary infrastructure, or doing unjustified spending, but they do not always have the technical expertise to seriously review utility infrastructure proposals.

    In the Australian electricity sector independent financial regulators have an extremely difficult time setting electricity prices for different areas. In one case reported in the newspaper I remember the regulator changed the price, and a private company lost a huge proportion of its profits in an instant. 

  • Azat Abdullatypov added an answer in PDB:
    How can I convert a peptide sequence into a pdb file?

    I am trying to dock a synthetic peptide to natural a protein using ClusPro.

    Thank you

    Azat Abdullatypov

    Hola Maria! Yo ha usado este web server: http://mobyle.rpbs.univ-paris-diderot.fr/cgi-bin/portal.py#forms::PepBasic3D para hacer PDB y PDBQT por mi docking, a mi pareci bien, ahora estoy computando docking del ocho mil del tripeptides canonicales y si Ud quiere, puedo enviar el archivo de este librerio del tripeptides. Buena suerte!

  • Sudesh Kumar Jain added an answer in CST:
    How to define Ferrite in CST?

    I want to simulate a isolator in below resonance in CST>

    Sudesh Kumar Jain

    Thanks Mr. Abdulrahman,

    I have defined Ferrite but Have little query about the freq. during the ferrite definition. What value should I put my desired freq band, or Centre freq, or Freq at which Ferrite data measured of any other????

  • Arunima Haldar added an answer in Corporate Governance:
    What is the relationship between Debt to Equity ratio with board governance and audit committee independence?

    i am asking about research papers that are relevant with corporate governance 

    Arunima Haldar

    Governance may have positive or negative relation with Debt-equity (usually a proxy to measure leverage) depending on the overarching institutional set up of the country. On the one hand, lenders would be scrutinising the firm on governance so as to ensure return of their principle (Shleifer and Vishny, 1997) ; whereas, equity enables them to be owners/ or rather partners in the business enabling alignment of interest.

       In case of audit committee, the role is to oversee the financial reporting and disclosure process. Further, if the committee is independent, theoretically, their role is further strengthened due to independent or outside view of a third party.As their presence enhances the trust towards the firm; it is expected to have positive relation with governance. However, literature reports mixed results towards having independent directors and performance (economic) of the firm.

  • Shaun Sim added an answer in Chlorophyll:
    Does anyone know how to extract chlorophyll from tofu?

    I want to extract chlorophyll Edamame tofu and measure it by spectrophotometer. Edamame as raw material for making tofu contains chlorophyll too.

    Shaun Sim

     This paper has methods to measure chlorophyll content in Edamame.

    Cheng, X. F., Zhang, M., & Adhikari, B. (2014). Effects of ultrasound-assisted thawing on the quality of edamames [Glycine max (L.) Merrill] frozen using different freezing methods. Food Science and Biotechnology, 23(4), 1095-1102.

  • Reza Sanaei added an answer in Spleen:
    What are the major challenges of making Antibodies?

    I am trying to isolate a specific protein from human serum. Antibodies turn out to be the most promising means for this purpose since they are selective enough to capture the protein of interest. The process of making an antibody includes several steps, starting with injection of the antigen to the animal host, extraction of the spleen and lymphocytes, induction of antibody expression into a cell line by hybrid culture and then retrieval and purification of the antibody. I need to know which part or parts of the process might b challenging?

    Thank you in advance for your advice and recommendations.

    Reza Sanaei

    Thank you

  • Jeeshma N P added an answer in Site-Directed Mutagenesis:
    How do i solve my problem if there is no expression of protein after site directed mutagenesis experiments?

    I have done site directed mutagenesis in a 4kb plasmid(pQE31) having gene(500bp) encoding 18kDa protein  using Quick change lightning site directed mutagenesis kit from Agilent. Transformed the PCR product into XL gold competent cells. Everything worked fine, after that i sequenced my DNA and confirmed the mutation at 52nd amino acid position. When I transformed the DNA into my expression strain M15 E coli cells there was no expression of the 18kDa protein. my wild type protein was also expressed in the same cells using 0.4mM IPTG. I have tried different concentrations of IPTG and low temperature. Also I confirmed no other insertion of stop codons within the sequence. Also there is no change in the promoter and other sequences. what may be the problem?

    Jeeshma N P

    Hi Elisa, Thanks for the suggestions.

    I checked the total cell lysate in 12% SDS PAGE.  can you help me how can I check the formation of inclusion bodies. please give one protocol

  • Anthony Nash added an answer in Gaussian:
    What are the units of the Hessian in Gaussian?

    In Gaussian, the Force Constant matrix (unweighted hessian) can be found in the formatted check point file. I would just like to double check a few things:

    1) Are the hessian units Hartree/radius_bohr2?

    2) If (1) is true, then to convert into kcal/(mol Ang2) is the conversion constant 627.509/0.280029 correct?

    Thanks for any help. I just wanted to sanity check. 

    Anthony Nash

    Many thanks Rafik. 

  • Vijay Bhaskar Semwal added an answer in E-Commerce:
    How to process the textual data as data set?

    I am using different product data from e commerce site. I have four class 0- Electronic appliance

    1- Heal care

    2- Home appliance

    3- Food

    Each I am using product id, manufacture name , description and product site.

    How to apply Kmean and how to treat it as numerical data?

    Vijay Bhaskar Semwal

    thanks you Fernando Lobo Pimentel 

  • Sridarshini Thirumaran added an answer in Photonic Crystals:
    What's the current status of research in Photonic crystal in device or component design ?

    My research concentrates on component design using photonic crystals for optical systems Is there any such component fabricated and made commercialized?

    Sridarshini Thirumaran

    thank you Gebriel and Vincent.. Will go through ...

  • Kittiiphong Amnuyswat added an answer in VASP:
    How to obtain GW band structure in VASP without using LWANNIER90 tag?

    Dear colleagues, I have performed GW calculation in VASP with automatically generated k-points. So I want to perform non-self consistent field with CHGCAR files from our previous calculation. The calculation error occurs in this step. In VASPwiki, they use WANNIER90 to obtain band structure however I can't recompile VASP myself. I want to know how to setup INCAR to obtained band-structure in GW calculation without using LWANNIER90 tag. 

    Thank in advance.


    Kittiiphong Amnuyswat

     I have performed band structure calculation with ALGO = GW and manual set of KPOINTS as performed in HSE calculation.

    The CHGCAR is obtained form GW calculation with automatic KPOINTS. The WAVEDER is obtained from DFT virtual orbitals (ALGO = EXACT)

    The calculation finished with this error.

    internal error in IBZKPT_HF: weights do not sum to one
    the routine has been updated recently
    check lines around "set weights all equal" in mkpoints_full.F