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  • Ali Ghajar added an answer in FEKO:
    How to view a face inside of volume after the geometry is unioned in FEKO software?

    I want to change a specific face material to PEC but I cant see it.

    Ali Ghajar

    Hi, Arkaprovo

    I appreciate you. Thank you for your help

  • Amr Ahmed asked a question in Enhanced Oil Recovery:
    Mechanism of microbial enhanced oil recovery ?

    I need to Know the Mechanism of microbial enhanced oil recovery and how it can be used to increase recovery factor ?

  • Eva Manco added an answer in Balkans:
    Can you recommend relevant bibliography for the Europeanization of the Balkan space, and especially relevant for Bosnia and Hertegovina?

    We are very interested in the studies undergone in the Balkan region with relevance for the institutional changes in Bosnia. Thank you

    Eva Manco

    Hi Catalina, 

    The best documents are the annual reports of EU with regard to Stabilisation and Association Agreement(SAA) . Then I guess you have to build a jigsaw puzzle from grey literature. (NGO and independent researchers).


  • Khaled Saad asked a question in Pediatric Diseases:
    I need any data about "royal jelly in pediatric diseases"?

    Royal jelly in pediatric diseases

  • José Iván Velázquez-Abunader asked a question in Parasites:
    Anybody know any study on the differences in the growth of fish with parasites without parasites ?

    I need information for wild populations, studies where von Bertalanffy models were used. For example: one model for fish infected and one model for fish non-infected.


  • Yan ma asked a question in Flow Cytometry:
    Can anyone recommend a high-throughput flow cytometry system?

    Can anyone recommend a high-throughput flow cytometry system?

  • Debra Sharon Ferdinand added an answer in Online Education:
    Is online education being accepted by all nations as an effective way of learning/teaching?

      In spite of widely utilizing of online education worldwide, there are maybe some nations still prefer (or have to choose) traditional education.

      Is there any study discusses this condition?

    Debra Sharon Ferdinand


    I'll deal with the effectiveness part of your question from my own experience and research. Online education is growing rapidly worldwide but there are some issues that can make it ineffective for particularly international students: cultural insensitivity and invisibility in the curriculum. I hope that the two articles attached can help to inform how ineffectiveness can be avoided regarding responsiveness to international students.

    Many thanks,


    • Source
      [Show abstract] [Hide abstract]
      ABSTRACT: Caribbean students continue to add to the increasing international enrolment at tertiary institutions in the United States of America. But to what extent is such internationalisation visible in the curriculum content for a Mid-Western university’s graduate workforce education and development (WED) programme? This descriptive study is part of a larger curriculum inclusiveness study that included an examination of students’ perceptions on international responsiveness of their WED graduate programme’s curriculum course content. A combination of the follow-up explanations model and the within-stage mixed model was used, coupled with pragmatism, as the overarching paradigm for guiding the collection and analysis of the study’s census survey data and follow-up focus groups. The findings indicate a very US-centric WED curriculum content with large deficits for inclusion of works by international authors as well as global views to include those from developing countries. As a result, WED international students were subjected to intellectual bondage and invisibility within the curriculum content, which compromised the quality of their education at tuition costs to them almost three times that of US students. Implications of this international responsiveness challenge of a WED programme’s curriculum content include limited learning transfer for international students coming from developing countries such as those in the Caribbean. International and US students’ suggestions for improving the curriculum’s international responsiveness included diversifying/internationalising WED curriculum content and hiring international faculty. These suggestions were strongly supported by the theoretical and empirical literature on multicultural education and internationalisation in higher education.
      Full-text · Dataset · Jun 2014

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  • B. Sera added an answer in Phytopharmacology:
    Could anyone guide me??


    These symptoms has been seen in all of the plants. 

    please notice this important point that these symptoms first appeared on older (lower) leaves. i will appreciate   if someone tell me what the cuse of this disease on the plants is? 

    + 1 more attachment

    B. Sera

    The earliest symptoms of Tomato Mosaic Disease are yellow patches on the leaves, that are sharply demarcated. But various light flecks indicate a lack of the necessary elements of nutrition or a reaction to toxins.
    I agree with Oadi Matny - it may be reaction on some toxin.
    There is white venation on the older leaves. Obvious patches indicated problem with carbon dioxid methabolism.  

  • Steingrimur Stefansson asked a question in Chirality:
    Are there companies selling purified chiral SWCNTs?

    Hi all,

    There has been an explosion of published methods on how to isolate specific SWCNT chiralities, but has this been translated into commercial products?

    Do you know of any companies that sell isolated SWCNT chiral species based on these isolation procedures? 

    (Full disclosure. I tried some of the published isolation protocols. They don't work for me).  

  • Onwu Inya added an answer in Cognitive Linguistics:
    Could someone explain to me, in clear terms, what propositional metaphor analysis is?

    I have looked at Steen G. 1999 and other works that have cited him, still I find the notation a little diffcult to understand and apply.

    Onwu Inya

    Dear Dante, 

    Thank you very much for your reply. I  found it very helpful. I have one more question, however, and it is regarding the notations in steps 2, 3 and 4. Could you  provide some explanations, please.

    Best wishes,


  • Waldemar Koczkodaj asked a question in Paradox:
    Pick a number between 1 and 9?

    You could be happy for me that my salary was 100,000 last year since our mind is wired this way that we assume the currency of the country were we live (Canada with a dollar worth ~70% of US dollar). However, I could have gone to Italy for my sabbatical where 100,000 lira is less than $100 US dollars and surviving on it a few days could be a problem.

    When we take 2 from the scale 1 to 9, it is not the same as from the scale 1 to 3 yet a rather popular theory (which we do not need to mention here) advises us to enter 2 (in both cases!) into PC matrix and compute the results.

    This is why one of the most revered Nobelists:

    http://cs.laurentian.ca/wkoczkodaj/p/ArrowReadsParadox.pdf was curious in: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/289378945_Pairwise_Comparisons_Rating_Scale_Paradox_accepted but you do not need to follow him :) to see that there is paradox in such computations...

    Can you find a better method to prevent such paradox that it is proposed by myself?

    • Source
      [Show abstract] [Hide abstract]
      ABSTRACT: This study demonstrates that incorrect data are entered into a pairwise comparisons matrix for processing into weights for the data collected by a rating scale. Unprocessed rating scale data lead to a paradox. A solution to it, based on normalization, is proposed. This is an essential correction for virtually all pairwise comparisons methods using rating scales. The illustration of the relative error, currently taking place in numerous publications, is discussed.
      Full-text · Article · Jan 2016
  • Christian Fernando Ariza Porras added an answer in Mahout:
    I need suggestion on how to fix clusterdump problem on Mahout?

    I am trying to run Kmeans with cosine similarity measure on mahout with hadoop to cluster text documents. I was able to cluster the documents, however, when I tried to view the output of the clusters with clusterdump I received the following error:

    Exception in thread "main" java.io.IOException: Unable to create parent directories of /mydocs/mytext-out-clust0

    Could it be a permission problem? Please any clue on this will be appreciated. Thanks.

    Christian Fernando Ariza Porras

    @Adewole, yes, the /mydocs folder must exist in your local filesystem. Alternatively, you can change your output folder (e.g to your home:  -o $HOME/mytext-out-clust0 )

  • Ayat Hussein asked a question in Vaccination:
    Does HBV vaccinated person (good responder) can be infected with HBV?

    does HBV vaccinated person (good responder) can be infected with HBV especially on prolonged exposure as sexual contact between married people?

  • Larysa Sydorchuk added an answer in Chronic Stress:
    How can a chronic stress that affects the infected human diabetes contributes to the development of complications of the disease?

    What are the biological syndromes to this phenomena?

    Larysa Sydorchuk

    I agree completely with Martin Lindhardt Nielsen.  Chronic stress can cause ischemia of internal organs, no doubt. Particularly affected are the organs that already have damaged blood vessels (in this case diabetes + infection). In the area of ischemia by existing infection on the high blood sugar level background, in addition to microcirculation impaired , ischemia presence, reduced local and systemic immunity defence (especially suffers macrophage system) we have no reason for good prognosis, excellent treatment compliance or adherence.  

  • Anton Schober added an answer in Quantum Mechanics:
    Are there any of the mysteries of physics that are beyond our intellectual capacity to conceptually understand?

    Richard Feynman said, "If you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don't understand quantum mechanics.” Is the problem that the human intellect is incapable of understanding some aspects of quantum mechanics or are we merely missing a model which will make the mysteries of quantum mechanics conceptually understandable? Another quote attributed to Feynman is “Shut-up and calculate”. This implies that a student is being told to suppress their natural desire for conceptual understanding and instead work on mathematical analysis. Do you feel that some questions are beyond our intellectual capacity to successfully answer? If so, perhaps you should identify these to stimulate discussion. For example, questions about the composition of fundamental particles or string theory strings are often treated as unanswerable. What are your thoughts?

    Anton Schober

    dear Agostino, not really: I start with a de Sitter type of space time group like SO(4,2) and write down a covariant linear field equation. Exactly this did your famous college Ettore Majorana some 80 years ago, with SO(3,1): The representation space of such a group is naturally a Hilbert space and the physical states are eigenstates of this above mentioned (very natural) field equation, from which you may construct a decent Lagrangian and THEN you got canonical (anti) commutation rules.

  • Laura Machado added an answer in Transportation Engineering:
    Where can I get design guidelines in making a community or within CBD a non-motorization transport user-friendly?

    I need it for my literature review for planning strategies in implementing non-motorization as a sustainable transport? I only have one and is published way back 1995 by the Florida Department of Transportation.

    Laura Machado

    Hi Junieven!

    You can find more information in this site: http://www.carfree.com/ and here: http://www.livingstreets.org.uk


  • Michael Heine added an answer in Polymeric Materials:
    Where can you buy polymer fibers that are not in yarn?

    Might be a silly question for this forum, but I need round polymer fibers approx 10µm diameter, minimum 50mm length but preferably on reel. Preferably non toxic. Preferably European supplier. Anyone that can point me in the right direction?

    Michael Heine

    Dear Patter,...

    What is your intention? For which purpose you need such fibers? This additional information will help to give an answer.

    With best regards


  • Sana Ben Abda added an answer in Spearman Correlation:
    Why the spearman correlation test does not run properly?

    When I run the spearman correlation test using two ordinal variables, I get a missing output . I can't get the indication level under the table or a graph representing the result. Any ideas?

    Sana Ben Abda


    thank you for your comment. When I first run the test I got the results and also an indication under the table telling the "level" if you see what I mean. Now I just receive results as shown. is that a detail to ignore? because I'm new in using SPSS so when the format does not match with the videos and demonstrations I follow I get anxious. 

  • Rebekah R. Ingram added an answer in Phonetics:
    I am looking for sources outlining the phonetic inventory and/or orthographic systems of Early Modern French (1500 to 1750). Any suggestions?

    I'm basically looking for any ideas about what the sound patterns of early Quebec French (or corresponding French from France) would have sounded like and/or was represented. Merci!

    Rebekah R. Ingram

    Excellent! Thank you so much for your help! I look forward to reading these and learning more about your work.

  • Stefani Tucker added an answer in Self-efficacy:
    Does anyone have the computer self efficacy scale tool?

    I have found an article by James H Brown on how to use the scale but unable to locate on the site.

    Stefani Tucker

    Thank you so much!

  • Stefano Quattrini added an answer in Gravitational Field:
    Is the clock rate of free falling clocks the same?

    In a gravitational field of a homogeneous spherical mass M, a sufficiently small mass B, compared to M,  is left free in the gravitational field of M at a certain distance H from the center of mass, outside his surface. B gains speed, relative to the center of mass M, because of gravitational attraction. Many small objects like B free fall from different heights or from the same height at different instants.

    Every object has an atomic clock on board. Would these clocks have the same clock-rates during the free fall?

    A reference, master clock has to be adopted, otherwise the problem is ill posed. Clock-rates are refererred to an atomic clock on the surface of M for example (negligible M  rotation speed).

    The time elapsed for each body to go from the same starting and ending point counted by the atomic clocks on board is certainly the same (UFF).

    Their clock rate should be different, in general, unless they start from the same position and instant. Not because  light takes less time to reach the closest, since they are in different positions, but  because there exists a  relation between the very small object and the massive object.

    I would like your opinion regarding this problem.

    Stefano Quattrini


    "Mathematics can be trusted (so long as there are no clumsy mistakes in the calculations) because it’s a rigorously logical subject. No-one could claim to be a physicist who didn’t trust mathematics, so I assume you agree."

    yes for sure can be trusted in its integrity and it is an indispensable tool to make Physics : to rigurously express something in order to be communicated and tested in experiments and allow accurate calculations with computers, which otherwise would be impossible.

    It is the only way to stop  Physics from sliding towards Philosophy. But some said  "shit in shit out" : the  improper use of the postulates and improper interpretation of the results can bring to incredibly wrong theories if there are not the due experimental evidences. If a theory has been carefully tested only in certain parts nobody can assure us that it will work in other situations.

    But I will never  be tired to affirm that in order to put a  feet into quantum gravity these easy experiments with clocks have to be performed:

    a) equally accelerated clocks in a super vehicle running on a flat surface

    b) free falling clocks kept at constant distance in a gravitational field.

    I'm sure the gauges will sign  0 difference in the case a)  and some difference in b)

  • Artur Braun added an answer in Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy:
    How can I determine the surface coverage of DNA using impedance?

    I am looking for a way to characterize the surface coverage (mol/cm^2) of DNA on a gold electrode using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. 

    Artur Braun


  • Frank Grüne added an answer in Pain Research:
    What is the latest on evidence-based practice for acute pain management after surgery?

    What research has been recently done?

    Patient Satisfaction with pain management.

    Frank Grüne

    HI Seth,
    the Acute Pain Team is a team of 5 acute pain/anesthesia nurses  under supervision one of staf anesthesiologists. they follow patients one to three times a day. The educate the wards in following the acute pain protocol. 

    Furthermore there are some new aspects / publication regarding acute pain therapy:

    1. Moore RA, Derry S, Aldington D, Wiffen PJ: Single dose oral analgesics for acute postoperative pain in adults - an overview of Cochrane reviews. Cochrane Database Syst Rev Edited by Derry S. 2015; 9:CD008659
    2. Moore RA, Wiffen PJ, Derry S, Maguire T, Roy YM, Tyrrell L: Non-prescription (OTC) oral analgesics for acute pain - an overview of Cochrane reviews. Cochrane Database Syst Rev Edited by Moore RA. 2015; 11:CD010794
    3. Moore RA, Derry S, Aldington D, Cole P, Wiffen PJ: Amitriptyline for neuropathic pain in adults. Cochrane Database Syst Rev Edited by Moore RA. 2015; 7:CD008242
    4. Moore RA, Derry S, Aldington D, Wiffen PJ: Adverse events associated with single dose oral analgesics for acute postoperative pain in adults - an overview of Cochrane reviews. Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2015; 10:CD011407
    5. Moore RA: Analgesic safety - myths, mysteries and misconceptions. Int J Clin Pract Suppl 2015; 69:24–7
    6. Moore RA, Derry S, Wiffen PJ, Straube S, Aldington DJ: Overview review: Comparative efficacy of oral ibuprofen and paracetamol (acetaminophen) across acute and chronic pain conditions. Eur J Pain 2015; 19:1213–23

    Greets from Rotterdam


  • Irina Pechonkina added an answer in Fitness:
    What is your definition of 'fitness'?

    It's all in the question


    Irina Pechonkina

    Dear Marcel,

    From the history of my Mom.It was very popular to make a pyramid "Rush"(break down)-it was a collective action at the stage.In my youth we did gymnastics,danced folk dances,went to the parade(about the 90-s) and did gymnastic (dancing) exercises on TV.It was extremely aesthetic performance-a lot of beautiful girls in the amazing clothes had to do the rhythmic movements at the square.Thanks to this sport policy in my school (in my school there were ballet lessons in Latvia and then in my University )I am rather sporty nowadays.I'm sure,it's very important to bring up love to sports (dancing)in the young (sensitive)  period.Dear Marcel,I found the photos from my Mom's youth.I'm sure,who knows how to dance, this person won't be a hen in the dancing hall.Age doesn't matter.

    + 1 more attachment

  • Akibu ISA Murtala added an answer in Information Technology:
    Please can any one help me with clue on how to get Data for investment on information technology by Nigerian banks?

    Please can any one help me with clue on how to get Data for investment on information technology by Nigerian banks?

    Akibu ISA Murtala

    Thanks Ariadne Tsambani

  • Jean Rene Grezes added an answer in Aromatic Hydrocarbons:
    Is there any online tool available for structure determination of chemical compounds for NMR data?

    I am working on simple aromatic hydrocarbon molecules found in aquatic animals. I am very new to NMR. I have NMR spectra of several compound but i dont know how to determine their structure. Can you please give me any online/offline tool/software where i need to put the sprectra and the calculate the structure for me.

    Thank you in advance

    Jean Rene Grezes

    Please send a picture of your NMR spectra  as jpg or pdf.

    Please give infos about the solvent used for NMR samples and , very important, are your samples of aromatic hydrocarbons   PURE??

    If not , you 'll obtain the NMR- spectrum of a mixture. On other part , you need an elemental analysis of your A.H.  and a standard of your A.H. Why a standard?

    If you give microL (liquid or mg if solid )of your A.H. standard in your NMR tube , you can see the increase of  the related peaks in your NMR spectrum if you have a mixture.

    Define the isolation of your A.H. (organs ....) when you write :

    I am working on simple aromatic hydrocarbon molecules found in aquatic animals.

    What a kind (s) of animals?

    For your question Nr. 2:

     you please give me any online/offline tool/software where i need to put the sprectra and the calculate the structure for me.

    please read this link :


    you can give in Google :  NMR prediction on line . and you 'll obtain a lot of free NMRsoftware too.

    Thank you in advance for the NMR files.


  • Manuel Herrera added an answer in Computer Science and Engineering:
    How does the symbolic aggregate approximation (SAX) technique work?

    How does the SAX works, I have the code for the same in java but how to decide the sliding window size for a time series. My time series is not continuous and there is lot of noise in the data.

    Manuel Herrera

    Hi Devesh,

    I'm newbie using SAX but I was wondering if you could use an adaptive version of the PAA under which the SAX alphabet is performed. This'd provide shorter sliding window sizes when the variability of the series is higher and longer "steps" when the changes are steady.

    I attached a couple of references about "variance-wise segmentation" and also about APCA, in addition to the main references about SAX already pointed out by George Appiah Sarfo. Hope this helps.

    + 1 more attachment

  • Steven Venette added an answer in Plagiarism:
    Please, Can anyone tell me about a Free Anti-Plagiarism site or a Plagiarism correction site?

    please, I need a Free Anti-Plagiarism site or Plagiarism correction site.

    Steven Venette

    At my university, we subscribe to TurnItIn.

    I have found it to be easy to use and thorough. Potential problems are highlighted in the document , and when they are selected, a citation is provided for where that content has been seen before. Selecting that citation shows the content in the context of that source, which helps identify false-positives. One negative is that the false-positives are a little high, but I would rather have that "noise" than have false-negatives slip through.

  • Lyra Chang added an answer in Lentivirus:
    How dangerous is the shRNA-expressing Lentivirus (possible contamination that could hurt young child)?

    Hi All,

    I am planning to use GIPZ Lentiviral shRNA to knockdown my target genes. I do know that those Lentivirus cannot replicate and its quite safe for us researchers.

    However, I have a 6 month old baby at home, I just want to know what could be the possible risk of harming my child and how to avoid it. Also, I will be grateful for any input from any female researcher who have children and regularly use lentivirus expression system.

    Thank you all in advance!!


    Lyra Chang

    Thank you Martina! I will be very careful with the sharp items!

    Do you know how long the lentivirus survive on any surface (without bleach)?