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I want to use the Java classes in the PHP snippet with the help of javascript or JQuery. As i found one way, using command prompt.. But is there any standard or direct connection exist? I tried but in real-time it won't works smoothly.
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I will recommend the following:
  • ScriptEngine
  • Rhino
for the first one:
he Java ScriptEngine API support many Scripting language like
for the second one:
an open-source implementation of JavaScript written entirely in Java
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After runing MT3DMS, the results of salinity reach 200 g/l in two meshs located in the extremity of the layer. However, all inputs are about 1 to 5 g/l! I tried also with MT3D but I found the same results! Can anyone help me to solve this problem?? 
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Try to adjust the default values parameters of the model used as input data
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Hello Community,
I'm not very familiar with these kind of tasks and my web development skills could also be better. If anyone is familiar with how to get the source code of an external web site using jquery, javascript, ajax or whatever it would be very cool! :-)
The situation is as follows: I have a list of URLs that were built using a CMS. To the CMS, however, I have no access whatsoever. The previous task was to move all the images by Drag&Drop from an old destination to a new one. Since I'm sure that a lot of images were skipped, my idea was to search the source codes for each occurance of "<img" until a ">" appears. Then within each of these substrings I would search and test whether the new path is missing, and if so, I would list the image name and the page it appears on. That would facilitate the task of checking for forgotten images a big time. My idea was to obtain the source code of these URLs as a sting-variable and fill it into a text area within an html form. Then, once one site was completed, it would do the same for the next page, and so on. The problem with this method (php) is that it requires that the site is refreshed after loading each source code. Maybe some javascript method would be faster?!
I would also appreciate other, maybe less awkward ideas. Also if anyone could hint me to some code snippets I would be very happy.
thanks in advance,
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If you have a bunch of URLs and you have PHP, then a quick 10 line script will give a simple solution.
- Loop through the URLs
    - Use file_get_contents to read each webpage into a string (the scrape!)
    - Use preg_match_all to seek the tags within the string (pattern matching)  
    - Display / log matches
- Continue loop 
This may need to more "stuff/tweaking" depending on the scale of the problem (how many URLs have you to got to check?)
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I need your urgent help to fix this problem in web design, please.
I need to open an image with a new separate window larger than the original using JavaScript only and only without JQuery Just Html and JavaScript.
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new_span.append('<a id="imglink" href="'+ +'" target="_blank"><img src="' + new.url +'" height="" width="" /></a>');
$('#imglink').click(function() {
window.location = $.myURL("index", $(this).attr("href"));