Workforce Dynamics

Workforce Dynamics

  • Jens Nachtwei added an answer:
    How generation Y changed the HR departments?

    Do you think HR departments resist on this new workforce (generationY)?
    Or are HR departments changing their strategies and tactics accordingly?

    How do you advise to work on this topic? Is there any scales that I can use? etc.

    Thanks in advance.

    Jens Nachtwei

    Maybe you could also contact Torsten Biemann - he has some nice evidence on GenY and why it might not exist - published a paper in PersonalQuarterly I think. 

  • Lukas Bier added an answer:
    Is there some research about the impact on the human workforce by standardized processes in manual labour?

    Hi there,

    my research concentrates on standardized processes in manual labour. Foremost I want to define standardized work in a more specific way.

    Once I'm done with it I want to find out, if certain standard levels are connected to characterized levels of physical and psychological stress.

    Therefore I need some guideance to find relevant papers, which connect standardized work in gerneral with physical or psychological stress.

    I would be very grateful for any kind of help.

    Best regards


    Lukas Bier

    Thank all of you kindly for your big help

  • Sneha Dohare added an answer:
    Can anyone suggest research papers on strategies managing of workforce diversity?
    see above
    Sneha Dohare

    I am highly obliged from all your response ,

    thank you very much

  • Closed account added an answer:
    What are the dimensions of workplace familism any idea?

    I would like to conduct a research in the area of workplace familism and there is limited research available. Any ideas?


    Thank you so much for your help Richard... The problem is that there is limited research in this area and I am unable to gain a better insight with regard to this area!

  • Debra Sharon Ferdinand added an answer:
    Can anyone help with teacher workforce diversity?
    Have you published or do you know any publications on teacher workforce diversity? I would be very interested in reading any research papers concerning this topic and in particular those that discuss hidden teacher diversities.
    Debra Sharon Ferdinand

    This response may be a bit late but the Online Journal of Workforce Education and Development can provide several articles that you help in teaching workforce diversity:

  • Surjit Singha added an answer:
    Factors of Workforce diversity in an organization or workplace?
    What are the factors of the workforce diversity? Which are the elements? Any suggestions recommendations?
    Surjit Singha
    Thank You : Does any one have Scale or Questionnaire for Workforce Diversity or Multi-Cultural Workforce? If so Kindly e-mail or URL
  • Amir Farshi added an answer:
    Are there notable benefits/biases in the current economy to have a PhD vs a Master's degree?
    It seems that having a graduate degree should increase your desirability of employment in the current US economy but does having one degree type over another carry any weigh or bias with industry employers?
    Amir Farshi
    Dear Kimberly ,suzanne

    Master degree/Phd degree normally are required for research position job that will be located in university /or research comapny.
    Engineering company normally request employe with BS degree for example in linkedin if you are accesse to position job request you will find that they want BS degree.
    for engineering work BS degree is enough.
  • David Holland added an answer:
    Do you think workforce redesign policies will impact on the role boundaries of generalist podiatrists?
    (UK only). Policies such as AQP, commissioning reports, etc., do you think the role boundaries of generalists will change? Do you have any concerns? Do you think there will be opportunities in the NHS and private sector for generalists?
    David Holland
    Hi Sam,
    It's inevitable that podiatry will become more specialised. I think the days of the generalist are numbered I'm afraid.
    Podiatry is low on the priorities list in the NHS. Eventually I'm sure that AQP will take the majority of patients, and podiatry will shrink further into small specialist units - surgery - diabetes care (but only as part of a team. Biomech is already the province of the orthotist rather than pod in many Trusts.

  • Venkat Kaundinya asked a question:
    Motivation survey
    Please spare a few minutes and have a look at this survey questionnaire prepared for understanding employee engagement in current Indian corporate scenario. Please fill up this form and I will send you the detailed report of the results soon.

    Also let me know your inputs about the survey items, if the survey seems lengthy, some items are ambiguous etc.

    Thanks & regards,


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