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A republic consisting of an island group in Melanesia, in the southwest Pacific Ocean. Its capital is Port-Vila. It was called New Hebrides until 1980. It was discovered in 1606 by the Portuguese, forgotten for 160 years, then visited by Bougainville in 1768 and Captain Cook in 1774. It was under joint British and French administration from 1906 until it became independent in 1980 under the name of Vanuatu. The name is native, meaning our land. (From Webster's New Geographical Dictionary, 1988, p833 & Room, Brewer's Dictionary of Names, 1992, p570)
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I am looking for country authors on a chapter on Tooth Eruption and Anomalies of the Dental Hard Tissues. Please send me a mail if you are interested in writing a chapter for any of the listed country below.
1. Albania
2. Argentina
3. Austria
4. Belarus
5. Belgium
6. Bosnia & Herzegovina
7. Brazil
8. Brunei Darussalam
9. Cambodia
10. China
11. Colombia
12. Democratic Republic of the Congo
13. Czech Republic
14. Denmark
15. Ecuador
16. El Salvador
17. Estonia
18. Finland
19. France
20. Gambia
21. Georgia
22. Germany
23. India
24. Iraq
25. Ireland
26. Israel
27. Italy
28. Jamaica
29. Japan
30. Kazakhstan
31. South Korea
32. Kosovo
33. Kuwait
34. Kyrgyzstan
35. Laos
36. Latvia
37. Lebanon
38. Lithuania
39. Malaysia
40. Mexico
41. Mongolia
42. Morocco
43. Myanmar
44. Namibia
45. Nepal
46. The Netherlands
47. Norway
48. Pakistan
49. Paraguay
50. The Philippines
51. Poland
52. Qatar\
53. Romania
54. Senegal
55. Singapore
56. South Africa
57. Spain
58. Sri Lanka
59. Sweden
60. Switzerland
61. Syria
62. Taiwan
63. Trinidad and Tobago
64. United Arab Emirates
65. United Kingdom
66. Vanuatu
67. Vietnam
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Am based in Kenya which is not listed above
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I have been writing about the cruise tourism experience in Vanuatu, have you found out anything on the interest of Chinese outbound tourism for the Pacific Islands as a crusie destination? The World Bank Pacific Possible report heavily emphasises the Chinese market as key to Pacific growth, what is your opinion?
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Dear Loren Rutherford,
"Mass Tourism in a Small World", This book may help you to get some useful insights on the said issue.
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I am writing a thesis on Vanuatu's experience with cruise tourism for sustainable development.
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Dear Loren Rutherford,
Do you want to know more about literature in aforementioned area? Or particularly, you are asking about any study?