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Trying to simulate crowd movement in Anylogic and export the movement data to a game engine, Unreal or unity. Is that possible? and is there any alternative to Anylogic that can do that?
the link does not need to be in real time.
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Models created in AnyLogic Cloud may be export with other users. To share a model, you must be the model's Developer.
1. Click the Publish button in the Publish model section.
2. Complete the following form.
3. Press the Publish button.
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Qamar Ul Islam
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Specifically, I am building a VR experience in the Unreal Game Engine and looking to capture a player's (HRV/GSR) metrics in raw data and then change the visual stimuli to enhance emotional connection. I'd appreciate any research on the topic, advice on the topic, suggested devices, etc.
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Some of our prior work may be helpful to you. Please feel free to have a look at the following papers: