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    Can someone refer me to some works/papers on systems or platforms in teleradiology and teledermatology?


    See above.

    Mario Lecha

    Unfortunately I have no information about Teledermatology

  • H. Douglas Morris added an answer:
    Is the iPad good enough for radiological image review?
    Publications are starting to appear showing that mobile devices like the iPad can be used for radiological image review in specific areas. What are your experiences in this? Do you think we should go in that direction or stick to the good old workstation with 3MP monitors?
    H. Douglas Morris
    They IPad has sufficient color depth for any modality that using color scales for displaying image data with limited bit-depth. IF you can accurately interpret the image data with 8 bits or less in the color palette then the Ipad can be sufficient for reviewing these images. IF the imaging modality requires more than 8-bits - you will need a radiologic work station. This is not new. This has been the issue of using standard color PCs for interpreting image data for the past 20 years. There are a number of software products that will use the iPad as an output format from the imaging workstation. Two that come to mind include the software package OsiriX ( ) which makes up for the limitations the display by giving dynamic control over windowing and leveling. A second is the preclinical imaging manufacturer Bruker MicroCT ( ) which exports image data from their applications to the iPad, including volume rendered data.

About Teleradiology

The electronic transmission of radiological images from one location to another for the purposes of interpretation and/or consultation. Users in different locations may simultaneously view images with greater access to secondary consultations and improved continuing education. (From American College of Radiology, ACR Standard for Teleradiology, 1994, p3)

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