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What is relationship between strategy and security study
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Strategic studies and security studies are two closely related academic fields, but they have some key differences. Here are some basic differences between strategic studies and security studies:
Scope: Strategic studies are concerned with the overall objectives and goals of a state or organization, while security studies focus on threats to these objectives and goals.
Timeframe: Strategic studies are focused on long-term planning and decision-making, while security studies are more concerned with immediate threats and responses.
Actors: Strategic studies consider a broad range of actors, including states, international organizations, and non-state actors, while security studies focus mainly on states and the threats they face.
Focus: Strategic studies are concerned with the use of military force as a means of achieving strategic objectives, while security studies consider a wider range of threats, including economic, environmental, and societal threats.
Disciplinary Approach: Strategic studies are traditionally rooted in military science, while security studies draw on a wider range of disciplines, including political science, sociology, and international relations.
Strategy Development: Strategic studies are focused on the development and implementation of strategic plans, while security studies are more concerned with the identification and analysis of threats.
Role of Technology: Strategic studies often focus on the development and use of new military technologies, while security studies examine the potential impact of technology on security threats.
Risk Assessment: Security studies emphasize the importance of risk assessment and risk management, while strategic studies focus more on the development of strategic plans.
Regional Focus: Security studies often have a regional focus, examining security threats within a particular region, while strategic studies take a broader, global perspective.
Level of Analysis: Strategic studies often focus on the strategic decision-making of top-level policymakers, while security studies examine security threats and responses at a range of levels, including local, national, and
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I'm getting ready with my Master's in Defence and Strategic Studies. Please suggest some topics..
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Hello, @ Milindu Kularathna maybe you should write about your country's national security with other Southeast Asia regions. More deeply into national security, ,What is peace process, reconciliations, strategy from from International affairs, Sorry I would recommend better... Im trying to to write about Multipolarity in new security threats Good luck
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Cameron Younis
34 Warwick Street Liverpool Hope University:
Liverpool Dept. Of Education L8 6TQ Taggart Avenue
Mobile: 07402189794 Liverpool L16 9JD
Email: Tel: 0151 291 3635
My current research centres on supplementary schools in slum, religious education, interfaith relations and marginalisation within educational system
2017 Masters in Theology
Liverpool Hope University
Dissertation Title: “Saint Thomas Aquinas’ perspective on Islam in light of his book Summa Contra Gentiles - How does Aquinas’ scholarship on faith and reason help build modern inter-religious relations with Muslims?”
2001-2004 BSc. (Hons) Accounting and Finance (2:2)
University of Bradford- School of Management
2009-2010 Certificate of Teaching in Life-long Learning
City & Guilds-Blackburne House Liverpool
1996-1998 Full-Time Foundation Scheme (Trainee Accountant)
The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Pakistan
1995 Sixth Form Mathematics (B), Physics (A). English (B),
Chemistry (B), Social Studies(C)
Telecom Boys Public School Pakistan
· Since November 2015, March 2016 and June 2017, I was part of the Near Neighbours Catalyst Program promoting community cohesion, interfaith awareness and Religious Literacy about faith communities in the UK particularly in Yorkshire and Northwest working with Faithful Neighbours Bradford and Touchstone Bradford.
· In 2006 and 2007, I worked as a Research Assistant organising annual conferences on economic and educational development in the Middle East for Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research UAE.
· In 1997, I worked as an Intern with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Germany for the promotion of social, cultural and educational rights of disadvantaged communities in Pakistan.
· I have ESOL teaching experience where I used to teach English as a foreign language to young refugees at Asylum Link Merseyside through partnership with Blackburn House FE College.
· I am a Trustee/Treasurer of Hope Heritage Trust an Anglican evangelical charity helping immigrants and refugees find educational opportunities and support within local churches and communities.
· Church Urban Fund has granted funding to Hope Heritage Trust to further develop its outreach. The focus of Hope Heritage Trust is to improve educational achievement among 13-20 year old BAME youth.
· I have organized inter-religious meetings in Diocese of Blackburn for the Muslim and Christian youth.
· I have been active member of Hope Chaplaincy as volunteer under Rev. Phillip Anderson and Marie-Therese Lacey.
· I have helped organise Student Christian Movement Liberation Theology Conference at University of Sunderland under Rev. Chris Howson.
· I helped organise London conference of Church Mission Society Asia Forum with Interfaith Assistant to Archbishop of Canterbury Rev. Rana Khan.
· In June 2017 was invited to Lambeth Palace by Archbishop of Canterbury’s team at the graduation ceremony of Saint Anselm’s youth community.
Postgraduate Intern Research Officer
Liverpool Hope University (Department of Education & Disability Studies)
Since January 2018
· Assisting Faculty members in researching funding opportunities in accordance with their interest and current research projects.
Accountant Lei Dat & Baig Solicitors Liverpool
April 2012- Dec 2017
· Managing the accounts department of a busy solicitor’s firm in Liverpool.
Admin and Case Worker
Refugee Action Liverpool
October 2008- April 2012
· Face to face meeting with asylum and refugee service users
· Staff and client payments and banking withdrawals
· Destitution issues and first point of contact for newly arrived immigration cases
· Liaising with UKBA, Housing Providers and NASS on issues
· Refugee Integration and Employment Service(RIES) co-ordination
· Reporting to Area Manager Liverpool
Accounts Assistant
Intel Computer Clubhouse SWICN Dublin
Sept 2007 – Feb 2008
· Carried out general ledger functions, including account analysis, bank reconciliation.
· Income and Expenditure financial statements,
· Meeting financial and funding deadlines.
· Demonstrating strong analytical and problem-solving skills
Chief Accountant
Golden City Real Estate Abu Dhabi UAE
Feb 2006–June 2007
Headed financial management including development of monthly/quarterly financial statements, financial forecasts and budgets, bank reconciliation and cash management. Directed all financial management policy making and integrating new applications. Reporting directly to the CEO and Board of Directors.
· Managing the accounts of group of Construction and Real Estate companies
· Managing portfolio of properties on behalf of European expat clients in Abu Dhabi UAE
· Annual income of AED 21 million (approx. 4 million pounds sterling)
Administrator-Local Cultural Interpreter
Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Belgium
Oct 2005-Feb 2006
· In the aftermath of a major earthquake in Pakistan in 2005, I lived and travelled in North of Pakistan alongside teams of European doctors and volunteers who came to Pakistan as part of relief mission.
Education Consultant (self-employed)
British Council Islamabad
Sept 1998-May 2001
· Worked as an Educational Visa Consultant on behalf of British Council for University of North London, Sheffield Hallam University and University of Hertfordshire. I also managed British universities’ overseas partnership with Inter College Larnaca, Republic Of Cyprus.
I suffer from Post-Polio Paralysis on the left side of the body which affects my mobility and normal working conditions. Despite ill-health and a number of accidents in recent years I have continued my pursuit of research and education.
Dr David Lundie
Department of Education Studies
Extension: 0151 291 3783
Faculty: Education
Rev Dr Daniel Jeyaraj
Department: Theology, Philosophy and Religious Studies
Extension: 0151 291 3761
Faculty: Arts and Humanities �� >zJ��
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Estimados colegas
Quiero compartir con Uds. la disposición de una traducción completa de la Suma Contra los Gentiles de Santo Tomás de Aquino que puede interesarles a los hispano hablantes.
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The role of emotional trauma in the development of psychosis has been an emerging theme in both clinical work and in some research. I'm wondering how one could strategize to study the link between these two phenomena in a qualitative context and still be able to design a study that would be acceptable by IRB? 
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Please let me know if these references/sites are helpful to you:
3.  Childhood trauma as a risk factor for psychosis: A sib ...
Official Full-Text Paper (PDF): Childhood trauma as a risk factor for psychosis: A sib-pair study
4.  Risk Factors in Psychosis Secondary to Traumatic Brain ...
This study examined risk factors for developing a psychosis ... Risk Factors in Psychosis Secondary to Traumatic Brain ... Early brain trauma and schizophrenia in ...
5.  Investigating Trauma as a Risk Factor for Psychosis ...
Investigating Trauma as a Risk Factor for Psychosis Robert Freedman. Robert Freedman. 1. Department of Psychiatry, ... This PDF is available to Subscribers Only.
6.  Childhood trauma as a risk factor for psychosis: A sib ...
Childhood trauma as a risk ... to an increased risk of psychosis. • Childhood trauma, ... interest in childhood trauma as a risk factor for psychosis ...
7.  Risk Factors in Psychosis Secondary to Traumatic Brain Injury
Risk Factors in Psychosis Secondary to Traumatic Brain ... as a risk factor for developing a psychosis ... brain trauma? The current study examines risk ...
Dennis Mazur