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Dear ResearchGate members,
My name is Txema Romero. I live and work in Barcelona (Europe).
I am interested in Software Quality Assurance (Software QA) and Blockchain.
I would like to write a technical report about how to apply Software QA to Blockchain. It would be a review of the different tools and how to apply them (e.g, for Blockchain Testing, etc).
Could you please share with me any information in this line?
Thank you. Have a nice rest of the week.
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I believe this article can help you
It used Sidetree protocol base on blockchain.
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My area is software engineering, I haven't any idea about the thesis. need lots of help. I want that the topic should be Lil bit easy. :P
Thank You
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Various topics are current foucus of research in software engineering.
Some of them are followsfocus:
1. Automatic program repair
2. Effective fault localization
3. Improvement in available software metrics for integration testing and system testing.
4. Agile software development
5. Model-Driven Development
6. Software Evolution and Maintenance
7. Mining Software Repositories
8. System Verification and Validation
9. Reusable and Extendable AI models
10. ML Lifecycle management
11. ML model Catalogs and Searching for Rapid Development
12. Testing, Correctness, Debugging & Interpretability of AI/ML applications
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How the Big Data applications are measured?
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Big Data database systems can be very diverse, because they can be different in virtually every respect. In individual institutions and companies in which Big Data database systems are built and developed, they may differ, among others: 1. Technical and technological characteristics of servers, disks and other elements of IT and network equipment, potential of data processing speed. 2. The type and generation of operational database systems supporting specific Big Data databases. 3. Installed applications for archiving, indexing, searching and analyzing information collected in database systems. 4. The possibilities of expanding and improving specific, existing Big Data database systems. Therefore, if there is a need to accurately compare specific Big Data database systems functioning in institutions and companies, then a universal, multi-faceted, multi-factor scoring model should be built, thanks to which it will be possible to conduct such comparative analyzes.
Best wishes
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actually , my main study in Software Quality Assurance by using methods such as Agile and Devops And my goal to find a real gap to focus on
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One research gap is agile vs devops when it comes to supporting operations. Which one is better and how to decide that?