• Leona M. Ungerer added an answer:
    "Sharepoint adoption in higher education:prospects & challenges"?

    I am going to conduct research on "Sharepoint adoption in higher education institutions". Can any body send me paper relating to my study or same type of study conducted in other country so that I can get help. 

    Leona M. Ungerer

    Hi Tariq, I did a quick search on Google Scholar and limited the scope to publications since 2011. You may find some of the references useful. Good luck with your research.

  • William Paul Moore added an answer:
    Which research methodology model will be used?

    I am going to conduct a research on "Sharepoint adoption in higher education". Please describe, which research strategy will be used and what method will be used to collect data. 

    William Paul Moore

    Tariq - The selection of an appropriate research design and data collection plan is very much dependent upon the research questions you are trying to answer with the study. Is the driving research question, "To what extent is SharePoint being utilized in undergraduate course work?" Or, "What barriers exist to the use of SharePoint in undergraduate mathematics coursework?" Or, What is the extent of adoption of SharePoint in public higher education institutions?" Determine the reseach questions you are trying to answer with your study and then examine different research designs and appropriate methodology/measure development with a consideration of resources, available samples, expertise or skill in analyses.

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