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  • Mostafa Eidiani added an answer:
    What is the scientific impact of a paper? How can it be measured? How can researchers be assessed properly?
    Many threads here (and postings out there in the web) deal with troubles regarding ISI's Impact Factor and denying its usefulness for evaluation of scientific impact. On the other hand, a lot (if not the majority) of institutions use the IF to evaluate faculty.

    Is there a definition of "impact of a paper", which can be accumulated for an individual researcher and can be agreed upon by authors and committees? If not, what can be done to support institutions in finding appropriate candidates for positions?
    Mostafa Eidiani

    Hi Dear Michael

    I think the impact factor is very important to other index

  • Irina Pechonkina added an answer:
    Is the attitude towards endowments and inheritance in some country is an attitude towards the cultural heritage of a country?
    What happens in your country? Legacy of many prominent citizens, artists, patrons, collectors are located mainly in the devastated buildings and are not available to the public! In countries where access to culture as a valuable system of values​​, attitudes and behaviours, endowments have long fought favourable tax treatment! It is time to reaffirm the philanthropic spirit. University of Belgrade uses certain endowments, and that's a good example! What is happening in Your country? Does Your Institution use any legacy, endowment or fund?
    Irina Pechonkina
    Thank you, dear Ljubomir, it's the greatest cultural foundation of Khovansky (you see, it existed up to 1917, then it was closed and opened not long ago) -our one of the first philologist, philosopher , real believer. His first grammatic and heuristic methodology are productive. The representatives of this foundation presented books by Khovansky to us. The books are unique.15 human beings, nominators, were very happy, too. I know some of them, these creative persons are highly noble, hard-working, decent.I was glad that really enthusiastic researchers had been awarded by the medals.

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