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  • Islam Faisal Bourini added an answer:
    What is an effective way of human resources management in a construction project to complete tasks in a scheduled period?

    main focus of HR management at a time when PMO need employer in multi projects.

    Islam Faisal Bourini

    The technology now a days make the work much easier. for instance google WS will help you to track employee performance by share the duties among them.

  • Han Ping Fung added an answer:
    How can I get journals on project performance, project control and risk planning?

    I need some research articles on the above topic

    Han Ping Fung

    Hi Esther,

    If you or your university subscribed to some eJournals / publishers, you can do a search on the 3 phrases (i.e. project performance, project control & risk planning), then you can discover many of such articles.  These journals / publishers include e.g. Project Management Journal (Wiley), International Journal of Project Management (Elsevier), ProQuest, Emerald, EBSCO, Inderscience etc. 

    Alternatively, you can go to Google Scholar and do a search on the 3 phrases in which you can also obtains some free articles but they can be a bit old.

    On articles pertaining to project performance, if you want you can refer to some of my articles in RG:

    All the best.



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      ABSTRACT: Today, more and more project teams are formed to achieve organisational objectives as organisations generally recognized the importance and benefits of project teams. Rationales for this study include: (a) it is unclear from literature what kind of relationships among performance outcomes, team attitudinal outcomes and team behavioural outcomes in a project setting, (b) it is unclear from literature what are the team outcome factors that can predict project performance, and (c) what kind of result team outcome factors can produce in a project setting whereby there is resource and time constraints compare to normal work teams which are ongoing and operational in nature. This study developed a research model underpinned on Cohen & Bailey‟s [1] Team Effectiveness Framework to empirically analyze some team outcome factors. Result showed that when project team trust is high, this will improve project performance, team satisfaction, team effectiveness and team cohesion. At the same time, strong team cohesion also increases team satisfaction. However, strong team cohesion is not predicting project performance and team effectiveness positively. On the contrary, strong team cohesion is actually deteriorating the project performance. The intervention of team satisfaction can improve project performance and team effectiveness. Insignificant relationship between team effectiveness and project performance suggests that team effectiveness alone cannot predict project performance directly. Discussion, conclusion and limitations are also included in this article.
      Full-text · Article · Jun 2014 · Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences

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  • David Francisco Marmolejo Carrasco added an answer:
    Welcome to the Project Management Office group
    Welcome to the PMO group. This group was created for researchers interested in the topic PMO (Project Management Office) can exchange information and experiences.
  • David Francisco Marmolejo Carrasco added an answer:
    Project Budgeting and evaluation
    Looking for mentor and research partner in the area of Project cost evaluation and control and the tool for analysis

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