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Most of the questions have no answer either because the links of researchgate did not lead them to the forums of relevance or they were just ignored, but I think the questions remain relevant today....
Past Questions still up for grabs, CLICK the links below each question if you would like to provide your view/answer to that specific question;
Who do you think will win the next round of RIO process?
Is the working of old democracy another unintended consequence of paradigm shift?
Is it right to consider the 2012-2019 period a loss in terms of green economic thinking and action?
Can extreme democratic outcomes like BREXIT and USEXIT persist in the absence of chaos?
Is a normal democratic outcome at the end of both BREXIT and USEXIT?
Will the corona virus’s painful experience lead to another push towards fully socially friendly capitalism?
Will the recovery of the pro-rich growth economy need a trickle up push from a direct trickle down program?
Under which conditions will the rich/corporations welcome extreme government intervention like direct trickle downs?
Does the coming of direct trickledowns means the end of traditional conservatism?
Can elite or dominant component action or inaction be explained through the theory of entanglements?
What are the implications of trading social responsibility for economic responsibility?
Can extreme liberal democratic outcomes such as USEXIT/BREXIT exist without a nationalist blanket?
Can BREXIT and USEXIT be considered to be fake extreme democratic outcomes?
Production levels and production prices in red socialist countries, where do they or did they meet?
Why do you think we shifted to partially clean green markets in 2012 instead of fully clean ones?
Do you know what the structure of the perfect green market is?
Food for thoughts: Is the green market a dwarf market?
Is the coming of the sustainability paradigm creating a sustainability market knowledge gap?
The Chinese stock market just crash, is it time now to fix the financial system model?
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RE: "Most of the questions have no answer either because the links of researchgate did not lead them to the forums of relevance or they were just ignored "
Did you try using the "share" feature (bottom right corner) of your questions to direct them to colleagues in your network?
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Hi, I am doing a research on communal violence in minority people. I am looking whether there are confounding variables in my research situation.
Thank you in advance.
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Mr. Asif al Hasan i think there will be some confounding variables such as different policy taken regarding violence on minority people. You should take a look at that.
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Does hate speech serve any positive functions in a democratic social order? Who has the power to define what is and what isn’t hate speech? Is the rise of extremism inevitable if hate speech is legally protected?
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Hate speech should never be protected. The constitution gives a person various rights including freedom of religion, speech, etc. But no right is absolute. If by hate speech one is offending another person, then what about the rights of the person being offended? Why should the second person have to read nonsense in the media and fear for his/her life? Doesn't the second person have the freedom (right) to pursue his/her own religion or lifestyle without being harassed or bullied?
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As you know, there are strong relations between drug production and trafficking with violence and extremism, but I think that we need to have better understanding about main elements which can affect this process.
In this context, we may relate drug trafficking to extremism ideologically like FARC or Taliban and economically it can be related to organized crimes  
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In many cases, it is a co-dependent relationship. The extremists can often provide protection for the drug production and security for the trafficking. The drug organization can provide financing support that is critical for the sustainment of extremists operation.
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Dear all, 
I am working on a housework on Taliban Fighters which might have been recruited by force. Doing so, I  am particularily interested in open source reports in either English, French or German. 
The work shall show up if, how and by which intensity Taliban miltias recruit young fighters with Dari speaking population in Northern Afghanistan. 
With relation to a very limited scope of the work, my study case will have a real background in the province or Sar-i Pol. Examples of coercion?
Thank you!
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Frank, I'd suggest writing to two scholars who'd have a good idea both about your specific research (Taliban, recruitment, and children) and literature in French/German - Antonio Giustozzi (King's) and Gilles Dorronsoro (Sorbonne?). For Afghan contacts, you may wish to contact Amhad Shuja (Human Rights Watch), and Amrullah Saleh (the former security Chief). Both have some idea of this issue.
A long-awaited Swisspeace report on Taliban coercion/intimidation was published last year, authored by Susanne Schmeidl. This should offer insights, too.
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I am looking for sources regarding converts to Islam and ISIS, if you know any papers, articles, databases, blogs etc. please share. Thank you!
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Monika, Like Islomjon, I am concerned whether your question links converts (in general) to Islam with ISIS 'converts.' ISIS and Islam barely belong in the same breath, since ISIS violates and perverts the most basic tenets, principles, and practices of Islam. Even those Muslims who join ISIS are violating their own "deen" or way of life as laid out in the Qur'an and the Hadith of the Prophet.  I am an American convert to Islam and can tell you that I, like millions of other Muslims, am appalled at what ISIS has been doing in the name of "Islam." I studied the original texts for several years and did not convert for psychological reasons at all--but for the religion itself. If one studies Islam in depth, and does not "cherry pick" elements to emphasize, dislike, or support in the extreme, then, it becomes easier to understand what the sacred texts teach, advise, and suggest. That is the greatest difference between converts to Islam and converts to ISIS. ISIS "cherry picks" phrases here and there with total disregard for the context in which they were taught; not one word from the Hadith supports any of the actions of the so-called "caliph" Al-Baghdadi.
I would love to provide a more "on point" response, if you clarify a bit more what you are looking for in the realm of converts.  The subject is quite broad and there are a multitude of responses.
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Dear "friends" and colleagues
World leaders condemn Paris terror attacks as 'the work of the devil'. And I fully agree, in my humble opinion, with them.
What do you think about the relations of any sort, if there are, between Religion and Violence?
1) Has Islam Given Birth To Monsters?
In Open Letter To Muslim World, French Muslim Philosopher Says Islam Has Given Birth To Monsters, Needs Reform.
He wrotes:
"I See That You Are Losing Yourself And Your Dignity, And Wasting Your Time, In Your Refusal To Recognize That This Monster Is Born Of You"
2) In  a Guide to Understanding Islam
I can read:
"The strangest and most untrue thing that can be said about Islam is that it is a Religion of Peace".
3) I would like to understand How can be done Violence in the name of a Religion
Best and many thanks to Everyone willing to have an Open-minded Discussion
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If anyone links Islam or Muslims to terrorism, then my advice to him/her is to broaden his/her vision beyond the "tool" and to search for the "real" mastermind of global terrorism. One cannot blame a "knife" for killing someone; the "person" ,who used this deadly weapon, is to blame & punish. Few questions may help: Who has an interest in destablizing Europe? Who works hard on preventing a meaningful United Europe ? Who targeted Arabic & Muslim countries with invasions & internal troubles? Who established these terrorist gangs & financed them? Who has done lot of work to defame Islam & to portray a negative image of it by huge media machines and by exploiting some philosophical "oriental" mercenaries ? ... 
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In case of Pakistan, there are factions of society which demand that the government should negotiate with the terrorists and militant groups. To what extent it can be useful in your opinion? 
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Hi Muhammad,
Negotiation with terrorist groups has both cultural and political impacts.
For instance Hessam Vaez-Zadeh in an article evaluated European approaches towards conflict settlement with terrorist groups. He indicated violence, negotiation, and peace accordingly.
However, in the Middle East, terrorism is indicated with a "total war". 
As part of a project for The Center for International Scientific Studies and Collaboration I am evaluating the "Political culture of finding resolution with terrorist acts: A comparative study of EU and ME".
Hence, I can say that Pakistani government negotiation with terrorists in Pakistan, without understanding its cultural and political paradigm, is useless.
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My dissertation topic looks at how the media plays on people's emotions by amplifying extreme phobias of Islam. Linking to the 'Trojan Horse' Report in Birmingham.
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Hi, Michelle,
These might be useful:
Saeed, Amir. "Media, racism and Islamophobia: the representation of Islam and Muslims in the media." Sociology Compass 1.2 (2007): 443-462.
Thompson, P. M. Allen's Islamophobia and the British news media: a critical evaluation of Islamophobia as a concept and its application to the written news media in Britain between 2001 and 2008. Diss. University of Wales Trinity Saint David, 2013.
Awan, Imran. "Operation ‘Trojan Horse’: Islamophobia or Extremism?." Political Insight 5.2 (2014): 38-39.
Rinella Cere and Barry Richard have also done work in the area of media and islamophobia work. I'm not sure whether the media are also mentioned in the Trojan Report too? At
Good luck Anita