Persuasion and Manipulation

Persuasion and Manipulation

  • Viren Swami added an answer:
    Are there publications using an experimental manipulation of high versus low environmental concern?

    I want to manipulate environmental concern (which is usually seen as an interpersonal difference variable) to create two groups. I define environmental concern as "a general attitude toward preserving the environment” (Minton and Rose, 1997, p. 38). As manipulation check, EC is to be measured with items as for instance published by Ellen et al. (1991): Compared to other things in my life, environmental problems are not that important to me; Environmental problems are of great concern to me personally etc.  

    Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you.

    Viren Swami

    Hi Sabrina,

    I haven't come across any experimental manipulations of environmental concern. The concept is usually defined as a trait variable, but what you are looking for is a state conceptualisation, which may not exist (although other may correct me on this). On the other hand, I have seen some scholars categorise respondents into high/low environmental concern groups based on either a median split (Albayrak et al., 2013) or a mean split (Lin & Huang, 2012). Hope this helps!

    Best wishes,


    Albayrak, T., Aksoy, S., & Caber,  M. (2013). The effect of environmental concern and scepticism on green purchase behaviour. Marketing Intelligence & Planning, 31, 27-39.

    Lin, P.-C., & Huang, Y.-H. (2012). The influence factors on choice behavior regarding green products based on the theory of consumption values. Journal of Cleaner Production, 22, 11-18. 

  • Ian Kennedy added an answer:
    Have you encountered examples of coercive or deceptive technology recently?

    I am writing a paper on the 'ethics of persuasive technology' and am looking for examples of coercive or deceptive technology. I have read the papers and books on the subject and seen their examples. The problem with the published examples is they are not recent. What I am looking for is up-to-date examples that you may have encountered or become aware of, in the last 6-12 months. The examples will be used in the paper as a warning. 

    Ian Kennedy

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  • Dennis William Lendrem added an answer:
    Can anyone suggest the best books on experimental design/experiments/consumer research methodologies?
    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
    Dennis William Lendrem

    I'd second both of the books recommended above - those by Montgomery and by Box, Hunter & Hunter - both are really good.

  • Rahimi Ali added an answer:
    Does anyone know of a reliable scale for (Perceived) Persuasion Intent?

    If possible, could you cite the article it was used in? Also if there is an Cronbach's Alpha and Factor Analysis available, that would be very helpful!

    Any sort of measurement is fine.

    Rahimi Ali

    also this one:

  • Phan Minh Thang added an answer:
    Can we use decision trees or dialectical trees as the envisaging communication technique between two agents in a persuasive argumentation dialogue?
    Phan Minh Thang
    Yes. We have some paper implicitly refer to this problem. We also have some papers that will be published soon about this topics.
  • Héctor Unzueta added an answer:
    Measures of persuasion in the language of politicians
    I am studying persuasive strategies in the speeches of Hosni Mubarak and al Gaddafi and I am looking for ways to detect persuasion in their language
    Héctor Unzueta
    The word adversative. Comments on the policy statement of Eliseo Veron is a text that i highly recommend. Hachette es published, Buenos Aires, 1987.


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