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Hello everyone,
Actually I faced a problem regarding movie making and analysis after simulation from multiple DCD file on NAMD.
So, actually I want to run 1000000 steps of steered molecular dynamics of a large protein containing 546445 atoms. so it was very much time consuming job. so i want to carry out the job using multiple restart file on NAMD.
But i don't know how to make the movie and final analysis of  the steered molecular dynamics job from multiple DCD file and Restart file.
So, can anyone help me to find out the solution.
Thanks in advance.
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If you want to concatenate dcd, you have the catdcd tool in vmd:
Once you have your desired .dcd file, with the desired timestep, you can use the typical way to do a movie of a trajectory:
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My lab has a Nikon DS-Fi1 camera with a U2 controller. We have the free NIS-Elements F software but we really need some of the capabilities of NIS Elements BR, such as movie making, but the $3000 price tag for NIS Elements BR is way out of our budget. Has anyone got this hardware to work with any cheaper software?
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Well, Stephen, you can still capture video using the DLL files that are used to interact with your camera and the user Interface, i.e. and GUI and API interface. Some cameras are offered with the Camera Twain Driver through which you can capture both still images and the videos. There are plenty of such programs available and some might be free. Try looking for such an approach and you should be able to achieve what you want!
Best Luck!
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Does anyone know about general databases about Europen research projects (national and EU) ?
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Hi there, look at this: 
The 8th Screenwriting Research Network (SRN) International Conference – Final Call
Deadline for abstracts Monday 2nd March 2015
The 8th Screenwriting Research Network (SRN) International Conference will take place at the University of London, UK on Thursday 10th to Saturday 12th September 2015.
It is organised by a committee grouped around the London Screenwriting Research Seminar – the University of Bangor, the University of East London, The University of Greenwich and Royal Holloway, University of London.
The key theme of this year’s conference is Screenwriting: Text and Performance.
We invite discussion about screenwriting as process and practice, and how it engages with and can be understood in relation to text and performance across a wide field of media and practices, including film, television, games, online, transmedia and other digital platforms. We are particularly interested in abstracts for presentations on the following topics:
Interpreting screenplays – how do producers, directors, actors work with screenplays?
How screenplays affect and invoke performance?
What can performance reveal about writing screenplays or screenplay structure? Screenwriting and literature
Screenplays and screenwriting by authors best known in another field
Case studies on individual writers or texts
We would also like to invite abstracts for presentations on (but not limited to) the following topics:
National traditions of screenwriting and storytelling
Different screenwriting practices and formats
Historical perspectives on screenwriting and screenplays
Screenwriting, the screenplay and different production structures
Screenwriting and adaptation
Practice based research in screenwriting
Screenwriting for television, games and animation
Screenwriting for new media forms, online, transmedia etc.
Please send abstracts (250-300 words) as a word or pdf document, with the email subject heading “SRN Conference abstract”
Abstracts may be submitted until March 2nd 2015. Earlier submissions are welcome. Remember to state your name, affiliation and contact information. Also include a brief statement (100 words) detailing your publications and/or screenwriting practice.
We aim to let you know by mid April 2015 whether your paper has been accepted. Keynote speakers will be announced early in 2015.
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I have to use micro-manger with leica microscope but I'm not getting how to use it for movie making.  Can someone suggest some other software for movie making which can be utilized.
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Hi Nainsi,
Refer the brochure for the DFC450C camera. It is basically an imaging camera to take pictures at 2560X1920 pixel resolution with 9 frames per second frame rate. This is not a video recording solution that you are looking at.
There are other resolutions with higher frame rates of 18FPS and 30FPS respectively at 1280X960 and 640X480 pixel resolutions but with color binning. This will eventually have some quality issues.
But that does not mean you cannot make videos. What you can do is collect large picture (files) and combine them with your software (if the feature is available) into a movie format .
Looking at the specs in the info-sheet of the camera, it is not clear whether it supports the recording of video in any way. Also check if your software with the camera has any provisions to make movies using the images acquired.
Else you look for some other software that can combine images into movie file. A long time ago with MIcrosoft Windows(R) XP the movie maker has such feature but I haven't used any movie maker on newer versions of Windows.
If any further information is needed please feel free to ask me at