Mobile Robotics

Mobile Robotics

  • Yaser Mohamadi asked a question:
    Any Force Feedback Joystick for research applications?

    I am working on a project about controlling a mobile robot via USB joystick. I need a force-feedback joystick which can be programmable and (preferably) be used with Beaglebone black and Robotic Operating System (ROS). 

  • Ariadne Tsambani added an answer:
    Could you please recommend to me how I can create a references trajectory for nonholonomic mobile robot?

    I am simulating Nonlinear MPC for nonholonomic mobile robot. I have to create references trajectory for it as: line-shape, circular shape, and 8-shape... With model of mobile robot: input as u=(v,w) with v-velocity, w-angular velocity. output as X=[x,y,theta]. To calculate cost funtion = (x-x_ref)^2+(y-y_ref)^2+(theta-theta_ref)^2+lamda*u1^2+lamda*u2^2.  If you have the sample code on matlab/simulink, you will share for me.

    Ariadne Tsambani

    Good Evening.Pease find attach the following. Regards Ariadne Tsambani

  • Eric Rohmer added an answer:
    Is anyone using V-REP for robotics simulation of differential drive robots?


    Eric Rohmer

    Great job Ramin!

  • Ramin Shamshiri added an answer:
    What are the most popular softwares for path planning of mobile robots?
    Especially those, whose FREE Simulators are easily available on Internet.
    Ramin Shamshiri

    This might help.

    Visual Servo Control in V-REP for Robotic harvesting of sweet pepper

    Link to the simulation report

    Links to the demos, If you watch, please make sure it is in high quality HD 1080P.

    Visual Servo Control Demo Quality: HD 1080P

    Fruit/Plant Scan Demo Quality: HD 1080P

    Ubuntu, V-REP, ROS Environment Setup Demo Video quality HD 720p

  • Ramin Shamshiri added an answer:
    What are the best simulation software and planning for robot path planning ?

    What are the best simulation software and robot path planning tool under ROS environment, which can easily implement the unstructured environment. Moreover, if the path is probabilistic, then what are the best State based approaches for mobile robots.?

    Ramin Shamshiri

    This might help.

    Link to the simulation report

    Links to the demos, If you watch, please make sure it is in high quality HD 1080P.

    Visual Servo Control Demo Quality: HD 1080P

    Fruit/Plant Scan Demo Quality: HD 1080P

    Ubuntu, V-REP, ROS Environment Setup Demo Video quality HD 720p

  • Ramin Shamshiri added an answer:
    What is the best software to simulate robot motion planning algorithms?
    At this moment I am studying different algorithms for motion planning applied to mobile robots. Regardless of the hardware, what software would you recommend to simulate motion planning algorithms?
    Ramin Shamshiri

    Link to the simulation report

    Links to the demos, If you watch, please make sure it is in high quality HD 1080P.

    Visual Servo Control Demo Quality: HD 1080P

    Fruit/Plant Scan Demo Quality: HD 1080P

    Ubuntu, V-REP, ROS Environment Setup Demo Video quality HD 720p

  • Ramin Shamshiri added an answer:
    I have searched for a swarm robotics simulator. Can anyone suggest some options?
    I'm doing some research in swarm robotics and for testing algorithms and learning about them a swarm simulator will help me.
    Ramin Shamshiri

    Link to the simulation report

    Links to the demos, If you watch, please make sure it is in high quality HD 1080P.

    Visual Servo Control Demo Quality: HD 1080P

    Fruit/Plant Scan Demo Quality: HD 1080P

    Ubuntu, V-REP, ROS Environment Setup Demo Video quality HD 720p

  • Ramin Shamshiri added an answer:
    Do you know any commercially well accepted robot simulator where (1) robot vision (2) robot sensing (3) robot control can all be simulated?
    Ramin Shamshiri

    Link to the simulation report

    Links to the demos, If you watch, please make sure it is in high quality HD 1080P.

    Visual Servo Control Demo Quality: HD 1080P

    Fruit/Plant Scan Demo Quality: HD 1080P

    Ubuntu, V-REP, ROS Environment Setup Demo Video quality HD 720p

  • Seiichi Miyakoshi added an answer:
    How can I determine the optimal network between oscillators of a locomotion CPG controller for a quadruped robot?

    please see attachment file for more details.

    Seiichi Miyakoshi

    Dear Ali,

    Empirically, they adopted the square network for trot gait.

    Seiichi MIYAKOSHI

  • Vikas Garhewal added an answer:
    Does anyone have info about fuzzy logic implement in wheeled mobile robot to avoid obstacle from left, right & front direction?

    when input is four and output two is then how to solve that problem. I have four input in left, right, front obstacle & another one is heading angle then my output is left wheel & right wheel velocity. Please tell me by graph if possible.. In my input there are three linguistic variable e.g. near, medium & far obstacle & heading angle is negative, zero & positive. Then my output velocity is slow, medium & fast..

    Vikas Garhewal

     thank you Fabrice Clerot, Boonyarit Soonsiripanichkul and Anil Kumar

  • Nahum A Torres added an answer:
    What is uncertainty in kinematics and dynamics of a robot exactly?

    Could you mention some uncertainties in robot dynamics and kinematics?

    Nahum A Torres

    I co-authored a paper on spatial uncertainty in robots. 


    But in short, uncertainty can be explained by the tolerance value of the robot's accuracy.  

    Tolerance, plus or minus 0.5 mm of the the accuracy value 2 mm,  The uncertainty remains inside the range of "plus or minus," (1.5mm - 2.5 mm) depending on the scale that you are performing manipulation, it may or may not affect your process.

  • Mohamad Ivan Fanany added an answer:
    Does anybody know an ISI journal with a quick review process?
    It should cover the mobile robot navigation or neural network and fuzzy system fields, if possible? This is my first article and I'm looking for a journal with low impact factor and with a quick review process. The journal should cover mobile robot navigation, Neural network and fuzzy logic fields.

    Thanks in advance.
    Mohamad Ivan Fanany

    Dear Friends,

    I have just finished my little research on IEEE Transactions and Journals Impact Factors, Review Speed, and Open Access fee. I hope this would help anyone that preparing to submit a journal article to IEEE. 

    + 1 more attachment

  • Timothy Patten added an answer:
    What would Family Caregivers want in a mobile robotic platform?

    We are seeking to understand the needs of caregivers who are providing support for their elderly loved ones.  We seek to improve the quality of life of the caregiver by supporting their efforts to care for their loved ones.  Our solution set is based on a fully autonomous and empathetic robotic platform. Any studies, pilots, experts and or anecdotal experiences/oppinions would be helpful in shaping our development.  Thank you!

    Timothy Patten

    I think this depends on the person being cared for because everyone needs different support depending on their particular situation. From a personal experience, I cared for my father for 3 years. His situation required 24 hour maintenance which can be taxing for the carers. Having a mobile robot to be present and to monitor the situation would have been hugely appreciated to give ourselves just a little bit of extra down time each day. What occurred very often was for someone to do the little things for my dad: scratch an itch, bring water, change the channel on the tv, etc. These sorts of easy tasks could be very useful if performed by a robot. In terms of more strenuous activities, such as lifting and moving, autonomy can help here too. Lastly, personal care can sometimes be an awkward issue and perhaps robots in this area can make it more comfortable.
    Some work that might be useful: and

  • Andrew Jennings added an answer:
    Can you help locate the algorithm/code for the paper Adaptive Road Following using Self-Supervised Learning and Reverse Optical Flow?

    In the paper I am not able to find a reference to their code, which isn't really a problem since the dissertation "UNSUPERVISED LEARNING AND REVERSE OPTICAL FLOW IN MOBILE ROBOTICS" p.68 is referring to the reader to the code for the same exact algorithm at the address

    Problem is that the link "only" includes 3 videos demoing the final algorithm. I'm interested in seeing and understanding the code but there's literally just 3 links to these videos.

    I hope some of you can help me find the code or point me in the right direction. So far I've managed to calculate the optical flow properly and I am now looking in to finding the starting horizontal position for the template matching.

    I hope it is OK to ask this question here, thank you.

    Andrew Jennings

    I suggest asking Sebastian Thrun. It may be that the code itself is proprietary, but it doesn't hurt to ask. 

  • Felipe Nascimento Martins added an answer:
    How can one linearly control unicycle mobile robot through pid control?

    As per path control, I design simulink function block for unicycle mobile robot, but the gain control of pid for desired position gives some unbalanced movement of robot. Can anyone suggest how I can control the movement so accurately for unicycle mobile robot.

    Felipe Nascimento Martins

    Hi, Sassi.

    Maybe you find the following paper more helpful:

  • Salah Eddine Ghamri added an answer:
    Anyone familiar with path following VS trajectory tracking VS stabilization about a posture ?

    In motion control of mobile robots what are the major differences between Path following and trajectory tracking and stabilization about a posture , and why we use each one of them and in which cases ?!  

    Salah Eddine Ghamri

    @Vaibhav Dave  in slops for example for the WMR ? maybe posture stabilization is more for the robotic arms i guess ..? 

  • Anil Kumar added an answer:
    Where can I find a good book for mobile robot instrumentation and measurement system?

    Hello guys, I seek for an instrumentation book which focuses on mobile robot test design and measurment systems.

    I've studied principles in instrumentation since I was undergraduate student. I am trying to design TestBeds mostly used loadcells. till know I've design and manufacture two of them and face many problems. I seek for design patterns and recommendations and how to use configuration of sensors and what are most important concerns.

    You know when you rigid a mobile robot you make it to stand and some dynamics are changed so we seek for that?

    I hope I can clear and eluminate what I think

    Anil Kumar

    Hi ,

    you can visit and get more information about mobile robot navigation's book,publication etc.

    + 1 more attachment

  • Anshul Joshi added an answer:
    Is it possible to control Arduino motor shield from pcduino?

    This question is very specific to the hardware I'm using. Suggestions are welcome:

    I have a pcduino that I want to control a robot with. This means controlling the robot's wheels from commands sent from the algorithm running on pcduino, via motor shields. This is easy with an Arduino+Adafruit motor shield configuration since the motor shield is designed to work with Arduino; there are no hardware issues.

    When I try to use the same motor shield with pcduino, the pcduino cannot send commands to the motor shields as (I guess) the chipsets in pcduino and arduino are different. pcduino uses an Allwinner A10 while arduino has the Atmega xxxx chip. Therefore the motor shield does not respond to these commands and errors popup in the Arduino IDE when I try to upload the sketch to pcduino.

    Is it possible to make this work without resorting to designing and building a prototype circuit on my own (I'm not EE).

    Anshul Joshi

    I was actually successfully able to do this. The way I did this was I connected the GPIO PWM pin of pcduino as an output, and connected it to one of the pwm pins of the arduino as input, and the signal that is passed between the two determines which action needs to be taken by the Arduino

  • Abdelkrim NEMRA added an answer:
    How to find depth from a single image?

    I´m trying to build a cheap mobile robot, capable of doing SLAM. I have a raspberry pi with a raspicam and want to find out algorithms to extract depth from monocular cues and try to implement as much as I can in opengl es since the SBC is not very strong. I know there are solutions out there (like structure from motion and make3d) but wanted to know if anyone has already try something like this…

    Abdelkrim NEMRA

    Hello, you can try the LSD-SLA, it is a good solution under linux. However, be sure that with only single camera you can do SLAM up to scale (the pose anbd the map are up to scale)


  • Jose Victor Nunez Nalda added an answer:
    How do you obtain the correct dynmic model of a robot manipulator - in closed form - using Lagrange equation in matlab scrip?

    Doing dynamic model of RRRR robot manipulator, using Lagrange equation:

    D(q)∗q′′+C(q,q′)∗q′+g(q)=τ , in Matlab, the issue is that, I'm getting very long-long terms, every equation is a couple of pages, I also tried to extract the inertia matrix, again very long terms are there; I reviewed my code, and try use: simplify, rewrite, combine, factor ... commands, but doesn't work. The strange thing is that, I see there are many term involving sin and cos, similar to each others, but there are staying separately.

    Any Suggestions

    Jose Victor Nunez Nalda

    Using twists and wrenches if I recall well can be attractive up to one point. 

    I meant that the result was the same of yours!!! The we go for comparing Newton-Euler and Lagrangian-Dynamics this in half symbolic (up to the jacobians) and then numeric substitution and further computations:

    M=m_i*J_ci^T*J_ci + J_wi^T*I_i*J_wi

    was made numerically and compared with NE formulation from which I cant recall the exact expresion of torque_i.

    The main message from our experience is twofold: a) You're not the only one getting troubles from matlab simbolic simplifications for robotics and b) I havent see the full mathematical expresion of the n oridnary differential equations for a robotic system of lets say 5 dofs...

  • Zaid Alsmadi added an answer:
    Optimum collision free path
    Hello...i am trying to develop one autonomous robot that will choose an optimal collision free path for its travel from initial to final configuration.
    I think it requires genetic programming, neural n/w and fuzzy logic approaches. Anybody can suggest me a solution and some papers
    Zaid Alsmadi

    hi  Nithin,

    I believe the attached article will help you to define the concept of mean free path precisely 
    good luck

  • Dada Delimustafic added an answer:
    Which potential field is suitable for obstacle avoidance using optimal control approach?

    Is potential field or navigation potential function suitable for obstacle avoidance for optimal path planning of mobile robot using optimal control approach.

    Dada Delimustafic

    Feel free to take a look at this paper:

    • Source
      [Show abstract] [Hide abstract]
      ABSTRACT: The paper uses Probabilistic Road Map (PRM) based path planning algorithm which composes Halton point sets to improve mobile robot navigation capabilities. The Halton set obtains a good coverage of robot environment with points that is better than using grid based methods. Within PRM learning phase Halton point sets are used to randomly generate the robot configurations which constitute probabilistic road maps. The shortest path between an initial and a final configuration was founded out using A* algorithm adopted for query phase of PRM. The influence of number of Halton points and a distance between adjacent nodes for the current configuration to the path planning are analyzed. For purpose of map building of an unstructured environment a new histogramic based method is applied. In order to implement PRM based planning algorithm the whole navigation system is designed and implemented. The effectiveness of the proposed navigation system was demonstrated in both simulation and experimental modes.
      Full-text · Conference Paper · Jun 2014
  • Vijay Bhaskar Semwal added an answer:
    Can a mobile robot control its navigation through automatic gain controller in pid?

    i develop a manual gain pid controller for mobile robot but i want the kp,ki,kd gain should control by its own and it interact with environment factor and give stable navigational motion, how i designn this in simulink ?

    Vijay Bhaskar Semwal

    you can use fuzzy controller or scheduling algorithm to update the value of kp Ki kd using sensor data received fuzzy one is more practice one to work.

  • Badr Bougattaya added an answer:
    Can anyone tip me on some articles to read for my paper on mobile robots?

    I'm doing a paper on mobile robots for my school, it's a litterature review on the existing technologies, some history and future perspective, and I need some articles to read, I was hoping to get some help finding good ones,

    Thank you in advance,

    Badr Bougattaya

    Thank you everybody for your responses, it was very helpful, I have handed my work now, and I  think I did well thanks to you again.

  • Mojtaba Karimi added an answer:
    How can we control orientation and position of a mobile robot?

    orientation and position control through matlab.

    Mojtaba Karimi


    if you have omni-directional moving system then you can control both of position and orientation simultaneously. in omni-directional mobile robots you can access to control of velocity in x,y and theta independently. 

    however, for feedback control of position and orientation you can use accelerometer and gyroscope data fusion with odometery.

    are u familiar with an arduino? some of arduino controller like DUE board can integrate with MATLAB and simulink. you can go to the arduino web page and search about MATLAB supported board for your project.

  • Basudev Mahapatra added an answer:
    How to extend Temporal Logic Motion Planning for mobile robots(Nao)?

    How can you apply suitable optimal path while you applying temporal logic motion planning on any mobile robot i.e. Nao. ?

    Basudev Mahapatra

    logic temporal follow is i think some path control being done through their dynamics analysis and their DOF. is being first study and then go for controller design .

  • Zol Bahri Razali added an answer:
    Could you recommend a paper on semi-autonomous convoy path planning/control based on noisy and slow readings of master vehicle relative position?
    Let's consider the situation that convoy consists of only two vehicles, leader and follower. Leader is driven by operator, follower can detect relative position of the leader (e.g. camera based - slow and noisy). Can you recommend a good paper on this issue?
  • Zol Bahri Razali added an answer:
    How to resolve bus checking error in KV 5000?

    I am using KV 5000 cpu unit for my Automated guided vehicles operation but suddenly its showing bus checking error. All coonections are ok. How to resolve this error.

  • Jerry Edward Pratt added an answer:
    Does anyone know companies selling series elastic actuators (SEA)?

    We need two commercially available SEAs for an experimental set-up. Can anyone recommend a company which sells such actuators? 

    Jerry Edward Pratt

    We have CAD models available for some linear SEAs at

    Luis Sentis and Nick Paine at University of Austin have some nice SEA designs and writeups about them.

    - Jerry

  • Paul F. Grayson added an answer:
    What are the factors that determine the capability of robots to navigate at a 45 degree gradient, roughly?
    In a hill like setting, the robot must grip, so that it will not topple down. What other factors are there to consider?
    Paul F. Grayson

    Shock absorbing suspension will help keep the wheels in contact with the ground when traversing and irregular textured surface. Tire or track tread pattern appropriate for the material being driven over can also help. (pavement, sand, rock, gravel, grass, etc.)

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