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Market Research

  • Muhammad Ayub Khan added an answer:
    Any suggestions for scales to measure the positive electronic word of mouth (e-WOM) ?

    (in Marketing)

    Muhammad Ayub Khan

    kindly contact with Rahatullah PhD from KIAST University.also available on research gate his paper

  • Lynda M. Maddox added an answer:
    Has anyone used an online platform for focus groups?
    Can anyone recommend software/web service for conducting an online (asynchronous) focus group as part of a research study?
    Lynda M. Maddox

    I've actually worked with this company and its online focus group platform is going live soon.  Check out  I've used it for my own research and I did a "Focus Group 101" educational video for them.

  • Khandoker Mahmudur Rahman added an answer:
    Could you suggest me on this topic: Understanding the MNCs Advertising Responses on Urban and Rural Consumers segments?

    This Research will identity actual-buying pattern of urban and rural consumers towards advertisement. Whether the specific market rural/urban toward the advertising is different or it is same result.

    Khandoker Mahmudur Rahman

    Dear Narayan, first of all you might need a framework for study based on which you might identify response pattern so that a discriminant analysis can be performed for statistical significance. The second reference can help you in identifying a number of information response models used in marketing, the first reference is a short article on ad response, and the third reference is a thesis on rural consumers response to advertising. You can model the same for urban consumers as well and collect data for further analysis. Good luck with your research!

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  • Tony Maine added an answer:
    Where can I find a function that relates electricity prices with demand?

    I want to model a retail electricity market and for that, I need a function that associates the market electricity prices with the total demand. I don't want to use the inverse demand function cause it doesn't provide a good model for the demand side management. I appreciate if you introduce me a paper with such a function. This market is not a bidding model.  

    Tony Maine

    I would only caution that such modelling contains a lot of assumptions about the behaviour of buyers and sellers, and the results of such simulations may not translate into actual behaviour very well.

  • Margarita Peredaryenko added an answer:
    Can researchers measure the purchase intention and purchase behavior simultaneously?

    Can sesearchers measure the purchase intention and purchase behavior simultaneously?  

    Based on the TPB, intention and behavior are measured in the different time period to predict the intention’ influencing power ( present) on the future behavior (future) . In which, future behavior is considered as the potential dependent variable, whereas, past behavior is viewed as the control variable to the intention and perceived behavioral control.

    In addition to that, Ajzen, 2014 documented some facts

    “ Although incorporating automatic processes, the theory of planned behavior generally assumes reasoned processes underlying attitudes and actions. In contrast, strong and unmediated links between prior and later behavior imply habituation in a process that bypasses intentions.”

    Due to that, scenario,

    Can we use the purchase behavior ( Present Behavior)  as the potential dependent variable, which is determined by purchase attitude, subjective norm and perceived behavioral control without having purchase intention as the mediator ?


    Can Researcher(s) measure the purchase intention and purchase behavior simultaneously?  

  • Jorge Cruz-Cárdenas added an answer:
    Which factors affect marketing in the public library?

    factors affecting marketing in public libraries, which are they?

    Jorge Cruz-Cárdenas

    I understand you want to give your study a focus on social marketing. From this perspective is not enough to establish the segment of strong users but also the segments from a social perspective should be users, and state the reasons for his non-attendance. It is very useful to measure awareness, knowledge, liking, preference, conviction and use of public libraries in these segments of interest. This form will determine where your marketing effort should be directed and how. If there is little awareness for example, the message is primarily informative, if there is little liking or preference, the message must be persuasive.

  • Raid Amin added an answer:
    How do I calculate Statistical significance of importance of factors?

    10 factors such as Price, Brand name, fuel efficiency, aesthetics, etc were considered as being important for purchase of a car. 210 respondents who had purchased a new car recently were asked to rank these 10 factors from 1 to 10, such that the same rank can not be given to 2 or more factors. (1 means most important and 10 means least important .) . Is Mann Whitney test a correct test for determining the most important factor and which factors and more important than other factors,  or any other test is more appropriate ?

    Raid Amin

    Think of it as changing raw scores to ranks in a KW test. 

  • Rodoula H. Tsiotsou added an answer:
    What is the best market research technique to find the best marketing message for a population, both for its segments and as a whole?

    We have 15 or so different disparate groups, that all receive services from a central entity. We are interested in understanding the best messaging for each disparate group, and also the best messaging for the entire entity as a whole.  We are thinking of using the MaxDiff methodology, but don't know what other options to consider.

  • Abdullah Awad Alhaddad added an answer:
    What is the difference between price integration and market integration? And what are the data needed for these?

    What is the difference between price integration and market integration? and what are the data needed for these (like retail price etc.)

    Abdullah Awad Alhaddad

    Dear Alyssah,

    Good Day,

    kindly find the attached file , it may help you,

    best regards,

    Dr. Alhaddad

    • Source
      [Show abstract] [Hide abstract]
      ABSTRACT: The knowledge about the product is one of the most important variables which effect the consumer perceptions in the market and in the same time effect the brand equity. Price awareness as a construct has been one of the top behavioral pricing themes in the last four decades and it means the ability of buyers to keep price in mind .Brand awareness and brand image are most important determents of brand equity .The Main purpose of this study is to influence of price awareness on brand equity ,the conceptual model illustrates the impact of price awareness on the formation of brand equity, which is assessed through effects between brand awareness, and brand image .In order to accomplish the objectives proposed, a model reflecting the effect of price awareness on brand awareness and brand image ,the model is tested by structural equations and the sample is 318 students from the higher institute of business administration (HIBA) ,the finding show that price awareness has a positive effect on brand awareness and also has a positive effect on brand image. The study finding can be used by sport-wear industry in creating brand equity by using some strategies which can increase the price awareness levels.
      Full-text · Article · May 2014 · European Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Sciences
  • Rodoula H. Tsiotsou added an answer:
    What are the latest different technologies used in market research?

    What are the latest different technologies used in market research, such as eye tracking?

  • Alexander Brem added an answer:
    Which papers on innovation competence can you recommend?

    Dear all, we are looking for a broad collection on innovation competence and its measures. Can you help by sending paper suggestions? best regards, Doreen

  • Krishnan Umachandran added an answer:
    Can missing VAT payments on market-place sales with by Chinese sellers be legal?

    Dear colleagues,

    I am almost finished writing an article about Chinese sellers on or other European Amazons and the VAT issue.

    I would kindly ask you to give me your opinions if you spot faults in my argumentation since the issue seems to be so clear and yet so difficult to verify.

    According to Amazon: approximately 2 million external sellers use the platform of Amazon whereas sellers from Hong Kong and China have been growing 65% per year. Overall 40% of the total business of Amazon is done by third-party seller.

    A Chinese seller (BestWe is one typical seller example) presents his products on and the webpage of says VAT included (MWSt. inkl.). The impressum of the Chinese seller does not show a European VAT identification number (although he could apply for one via MOSS).

    So the customer buys from a Chinese seller on assuming that VAT is included (and declared). Nevertheless Amazon informs that Amazon only withholds VAT for their commission portion according to EU directive 1042/2013 and the rest is paid out to the Chinese seller.

    In Europe, according to EU Directive 112/2006 for B2C product sales VAT shall always be declared in the country of the seller.

    Letter shipment from Hong Kong to Europe is €1-2 for products like smartphone covers. Wholesale price in Hong Kong is way lower than €1 and sales price on Amazon €6-8

    The Chinese seller has three options to deliver to the German buyer

    1) Value incl. shipping less than €22 and shipped from China

    Customs does not stop the shipping (for administrative reasons of low value) and the seller should declare VAT directly to the tax office on his own. It is free of import VAT but this does not mean it is free of VAT. And on Amazon it is shown with VAT so it has to be declared.

    2) Value above €22 and shipped from China

    Customs stops the shipping and either the buyer pays import VAT or it is returned or destroyed. A contradiction because the buyer has paid VAT according to Amazon already, the seller has received the whole value and has to declare VAT. And how then does the buyer get his original money back if he does not pay VAT to customs?

    3) Seller uses FBA-Service (Forward by Amazon meaning that the seller stocks large quantities of a product at Amazon and it is then shipped from inside the European Union warehouses)

    The seller pays import VAT on e.g. 1.000 smartphone covers but since they have not been sold, he declares import VAT on wholesale price and not end price. E.g. €1 value per cover instead of €8. When he then sells, the VAT on the €7 sales price difference has to be declared by the seller at that stage.

    So what I see is a massive tax fraud for lower price products. In Europe every chewing gum sold carries VAT but here it seems to vanish somehow.

    The question is now also how Amazon comes into this. One could claim that Amazon is somehow assisting tax fraud. Another arguement could be that Amazon is in violation of the European Union Directive 31/2000. It protects portal providers in Article 14 by defining that providers are not responsible for the content they host as long as they are not informed of its illegal character, and they act promptly to withdraw access to the material when informed of it. The obligation to react (in Germany within 24h) has been confirmed in a multitude of court cases. Therefore although Amazon is not responsible for the content created on their websites, they are responsible for the displayed information over time if they do not stop it. And this carries large financial penalties.

    By the way, I have made test purchases for all three cases and in each case I was rejected an invoice showing the VAT - which I paid according to

    Looking forward to your comments and guidance.

    Krishnan Umachandran

    Business based in the UK and sell digital products online, then the EU rules on automated digital services may apply (varies from 0 to 20 or 30%)

  • Faradillah Iqmar Omar added an answer:
    Is there a direct relationship between sales personnel's use of social media and sales performance?

    There is a direct relationship between sales personnel's use of social media and sales performance. What is your response?

    Faradillah Iqmar Omar

    Yes, however it depends on how the sale person use social media creatively and how to interact with the clients/consumers. Usually, sales performance will be upgraded by a good social bonding and marketing in social media.

  • Wendy Oludhe added an answer:
    Interested in participating in a Social Media Semantic Analysis survey?

    Dear Participant,

    I am currently pursuing my MSc. in Information Systems Management from the University of Liverpool. As part of my dissertation research, I would like to help us discover the market’s sentimental mood from micro-blogging posts through identified text clustering and lexical analysis algorithms.

    To begin the survey;

    1. You will access the following page
    2. Login using either your Facebook or Twitter account to access social media content.
    3. Go to the following link which will give you further instructions to proceed.

    What you’ll experience will be a simulation of the identified algorithms at work which automatically mark text comments as very negative, negative, neutral, positive and very positive. Your participation in the remaining part of the survey will help us establish how these algorithms can further be used to improve market research in terms of effectively analyzing the market's response to corporate social media posts.

    All information collected as part of this research will strictly be treated in confidentiality with individual firms or people not identified.

    Thank you for your consideration, your feedback is important.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Wendy Oludhe

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    Wendy Oludhe

    Hi Rajeev,

    Sorry for the error, these are the correct links




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  • Ali Z. Bigdeli added an answer:
    Is anyone familiar with Servitization when applied to small retailers?

    We are exploring the concept of servitization applied to small retailers. Do you have any thought, idea or place to explore? Is there any chance?

    Many thanks in advance!

    Ali Z. Bigdeli


    You could also have a look on some of our publications. Also, I recommend the book Made to Serve ( which provides a very good inside into servitization including examples in practice. 


  • Silburn Clarke added an answer:
    What is the minimum sample size per group for SEM or Path Analysis?

    Currently doing doctoral work on the impact of event sponsorship on brand image. Will be conducting an experiment among persons attending music event and sporting event respectively. Not sure of the appropriate sample size for my pilot and my main experiment.

    Silburn Clarke


    Try these papers

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  • Luís Valentim added an answer:
    Is there a possibility to create configurations of value creation and relationship quality? Do these help to explain long-term relationships?

    The role of configuration theory in buyer-seller relationships; and value creation and relationship quality configurations, impact on performance.

    Luís Valentim

    Relational capital is a driver of value creation, namely in strategic alliances. Trust, commitment and communication are three core dimensions of relational capital, through which partners reach cooperation and coordination. If trust alleviates concerns of opportunistic behaviour, commitment signals partners involvement in the future of the alliance. Actually, through commitment partners collaborate for the long term in the expectation of future gains instead of short term gains based in opportunistic behavior. Communication ensures joint problem solving and conflict resolution, acting as a coordination mechanism guarantee. In such a context, effective coordination acts as a mediator between relational quality and financial performance.

  • Njo Anastasia added an answer:
    In which type of financial statements should the value of brand equity be positioned ?

    The question is related to the accounting in Business. The addressed three financial statements are : SOFP , CFS and PL.  Brand equity is considered on of the major intangible assets of a company, specially the well-known brands, the value of the brand is measured based on the marketing researches.  Can please anyone explain if the calculated value should be positioned in any of above financial statements ?

    Njo Anastasia

    Dear Amer Mustafa,

    If you are interested to take sample from Indonesia, I suggest you also read our rules state on PSAK 19. Thank you.



  • Peter Bowbrick added an answer:
    Can anyone explain the relationship between consumer service quality perceptions and appraisal? Are these two the same or different?

    The literature does not provide any disconnect between the two where some researchers such Parasuraman et al (1984-993) have called the service quality perceptions as consumer appraisal in the aftermath of service failure.

    Peter Bowbrick

    What is quality? is a complex issue, but examining this complexity is immensely valuable for practical marketing - see my The Economics of Quality, Grades and Brands

    'Appraisal' I think of as being what a functionary, a bureaucrat in government or in a big company does. They impose their prejudices of what people ought to want onto the market, in product design or market grades. This can seriously damage markets - see my Peter Bowbrick, ‘From Economic Research to Policy in 32 Years’, Eurochoices (2012) EuroChoices 11(3) p 44. on how such regulations cost consumers £10 billion a year on fruit and vegetables, and how and why the bureaucrats fought tooth and nail to prevent reform.

    An appraisal system uses what we call 'inspector quality' - using objective charactistics not subjective attributes, and using easily measured characteristics rather than important ones. 'Inspector Quality' frequently has no overlap with what consumers want, but it is easy to measure, and keeps inspectors in a job. (An important concept in quality control, TQM etc).

    Rather than generalize, try pinning down what exactly 'appraisal' is used to mean in your particular industry. You can then do a rigorous and useful examination. It is possible that once there have been rigorous and useful examinations of different industries you  will be able to generalize (i.e. in several years time). I suspect that the term is so elastic, used in so many different ways, that no generalization is possible. And that, like most such generalizations, it is not useful in practice.

  • Khandoker Mahmudur Rahman added an answer:
    Does anybody have some information about the marketing of transparent ceramics in the world?

    I want to know about the marketing of transparent ceramics in recent years and in various countries. Does anybody have some information about the marketing of transparent ceramics?

    Khandoker Mahmudur Rahman

    If you have LinkedIn account, you can request the latest market report on this product, here is the link

  • ANDI NUR BAU MASSEPE added an answer:
    How do I identify consumer intentions from on-site clickstream data from transaction-based websites?

    Hey fellow researchers!

    I am looking for publications from the domain of artificial intelligence, operations research, marketing research, consumer research that explore and validate methodologies to identify or predict behavioral intent from measuring and analyzing clickstream data.

    We are currently working in the space by applying sequential pattern mining but are very welcome to alternative suggestions.

    Thank you for your ideas!



    how about technology acceptance model?

  • Shadeeda Gall added an answer:
    How can I get white papers to research on Marketing Mix, Strategies and Consumer Behaviour?

    Hi, I wonder if you might be able to help me.  I am doing a marketing assignment on Purchase of a Home Internet Plan, I am seeking whitepapers, articles to assist with the essay writing.  Shadeeda

    Shadeeda Gall

    Thank you Rodoula, much appreciated. Shadeeda.

  • Aliza Racelis added an answer:
    Can USA improve its exporters' competitiveness on the global market if it adopted Value-Added Tax as a border asjustable tax?
    Should the USA impose VAT taxes on the foreigners' imports and levied it on the American exporters?
    Aliza Racelis

    Sorry, this may be the better (UPDATED) link:

  • Parneet Kaur added an answer:
    Where can I find the list of companies comprising the NYSE 100 index ?

    I need to know the top 100 companies (as per market capitalization ) listed on NYSE and NASDAQ.

    Parneet Kaur

    Thank you for your answers. 

  • Nigel Hardiman added an answer:
    Can someone help in determining the dimensions of the destination image?

    I want to know what are the optimum dimensions for study of the destination image Especially as it related to the study of marketing communications and loyalty to the tourist destination

    Nigel Hardiman

    A good article to check is:

    Balakrishnan, M/S. (2009). Strategic branding of destinations: a framework. European Journal of Marketing, 43 (5/6), 611-629. DOI 10.1108/03090560910946954

  • Mario Burghausen added an answer:
    How can we identify propaganda and publicity in Public Relations?

    The question in other words is that even having clear cut academic definitions of Advertising, Propaganda ,Marketing , and Persuasion, it is very hard to differentiate them from Public Relations practices.Any tips?

  • Balachandar Kaliappan added an answer:
    What are the new areas for research in marketing apart from neuromarketing methods?

    We normally know the traditional marketing research methods and till neuromarketing methods. Is there any new area of research is emerging in marketing research?

    Balachandar Kaliappan

    Dear Prof. Rahul Pratap, I will take a note of it. 

  • Izzudin Busnaina added an answer:
    Is there any literature on consumer attitudes, sponsorship and/or brand image in relation to sport and music events viewed online?

    I will examine the impact of event sponsorship on brand image within the context of sporting and music events. I am particularly interested in events watched online vs via traditional media. Some events that come to mind are NFL or NBA online, or the Voice Online. Any other music or sport events that come to mind please let me know, Thanks so much.

    Izzudin Busnaina

    Music and Consumer Behaviour: To Play or Not To Play

  • Cilem Aydinlik added an answer:
    Can someone help with audit quality measure in Turkey?

    I am going to measure Audit Quality, I can not get data regarding audit fees in Turkey, then please let me know what is other relevant measure for Audit quality rather than Audit fees and brand name in turkey?

    Cilem Aydinlik

    You might be interested in the attached article. Regards.

  • Djamchid Assadi added an answer:
    Can anyone suggest literature on the future of sales and distribution of non-consumable goods in 2030?
    I am looking for information on digital and physical distribution in the future (2030).
    Djamchid Assadi

    Dear Helmut, consider

    Internet of things and

    Digital customer experience

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