Laser Diagnostics in Flows and Combustion

Laser Diagnostics in Flows and Combustion

  • Luis Le Moyne added an answer:
    Are the assumptions of isothermal and steady injection still reasonable in contemporary injection strategies?
    In view of the contemporary fuel injection strategies, e.g. pulse injection or split injection; could the continuous assumptions of isothermal and steady injection in the modelling of liquid breakup be justified?
    Luis Le Moyne

    You are right, anyway if the atomisation process was perfectly well known models would probably be more accurate. As i said before, in a first approach temperature effects seem to be second order, but it is true that droplets having reached outer zones of spray and particularly those close to flame in late steps of diesel-type injection can be heated sensibly and affect physical and chemical properties (e.g. soot formation). Some years ago i had suggested that new models in atomisation should consider thermal effects :

      L Le Moyne (2010)  Trends in atomization theory International Journal of Spray and Combustion Dynamics 2:  1.  49-84.

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  • Closed account added an answer:
    CO2-Rayleigh-Calibration for UV-LIF-Measurements at atmospheric pressure plasma
    I searched by myself, but was not very succesfull in finding satisfying information about CO2-crosssection for Rayleigh-Scattering of UV (245 to 250 nm) at roomtemperature and atmospheric pressure in right angle to the laserpath.

    Can somebody please help me out?

    good measuring.

    T. Schumann
    Problem solved.
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    accuracy of k(T)
    hi ,
    Do some of you know how accurate the k(T) kinetics constants are? (which are usually measured with shock tubes)
    Gregor C. Gebel

    I do not have any experience with shock tube experiments, but when my collegues from the kinetics department show their results in a presentation, they use a logarithmic scale for k and a linear one for T. Ordinate values usually scatter heavily, so I believe, with respect to the logarithmic scale, the accuracy is not too good, uncertainties of 100 % or more may occur.

    Here is a paper, which may give you more detailed infromation:

    Best wishes,

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