Internet Protocol Television

Internet Protocol Television

  • Lee Warren McKnight added an answer:
    What is the major reason for leaving the presentation and session layer in TCP/IP protocol suite?

    I had a glance on OSI layer and TCP/IP layer. But still confusion remains of not using two layers (presentation and session)

    Lee Warren McKnight

    The OSI v Internet technology and business model distinctions are historically interesting and significant, agreed. Both have roles and functions to play in both defining network abstractions in away other can understand, and specifying protocols for inter-operation of functional network capabilities, no doubt.

    Given - present world - of heterogeneous networks combining network function virtualization/software defined network & hybrid cloud management/orchestration capabilities spanning the Internet of Things, I - admittedly not so humbly : ) - suggest it is past time for a new model. 

    Please see attached WiGiT v0.4 model, for the next - virtual, cross-network - wireless grid world for mobile clouds and the Internet of Things cognitively networked services - developed with support of National Science Foundation Division of Engineering, Industrial Innovation and Partnerships, Partnerships for Innovation Wireless Grid Innovation Testbed (WiGiT) project. and its over  The Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council of TM Forum, IEEE and others contributed/offered feedback as well. Not quite ready for prime time as we are admittedly only at v0.3/v0.4.

    I will be publishing several books in coming year which which further elaborate and which can permit all those willing to - create their own Heterogenous Networks for mobile clouds across wireless grids - do so readily, in sync with our model, and evolving open specs for wireless grid - networks.  

    Not the answer you were looking for but maybe one that helps?

  • Nuno Galego added an answer:
    Which method is the best for ip4 to ip6 migration?

    out of Tunneling ,dual stack,Ntp-pt

    Nuno Galego

    In my paper, I explain the vantages and not of dual stack, tunneling and translation.

    But is in Portuguese...

  • Gareth Tyson added an answer:
    How do I model the services of IPTV?
    Service modelling for IPTV network.
    Gareth Tyson
    Hi vasanthi, I suppose it depends which aspects you wish to model. There have been many studies looking at IPTV (and VOD), which would probably be helpful. However, I guess you're more focused on user behaviour. I know of some studies that, for example, provide insight into channel popularity and channel hopping behaviour. This paper might be a good place to start, as it offers a user model for you: "Elaboration and Formal Description of IPTV User Models and Their Application to IPTV System Analysis" by Abdollahpouri et al.

    Another couple of nice paper that gives you a measurement-driven overview are: "Analysis and Characterization of IPTV user behavior" by Yu et al; and "Measurement and Modeling of Video Watching Time for Internet Streaming Systems" by Chen et al.

    If you are more interested in the distribution system itself, there are quite a few cool papers looking at this too. For example:

    "P2P IPTV Measurement: A Comparison Study" by Silverston et al. and probably the most famous one: "A Measurement Study of a Large-Scale P2P IPTV System" by Hei et al. Hope this helps!
  • Christopher Buschow added an answer:
    What is the social TV? Is there a uniform standard definition?
    Is social TV a new kind of online video (TV program, not UGC)? And those online videos are the program from TV?
    Is social TV a new kind of TV program which added social media function or other interaction function?
  • Mohit Mathur asked a question:
    Can we take TCP vulnerabilities as major limitation to Cloud Traffic problems?
    Cloud is TCP/IP based technology can we replace TCP with some other protocol to make Cloud Traffic more smooth?
  • Serkan çınar asked a question:
    Comparision of IPTV Middlewares
    There are a lot of IPTV middleware producers such as Microsoft, Orca, Netris, Cubiware, Netup, NSN/Myrio and Minerva. What are the differences between them and pros and cons?

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