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Information Technology and Politics

  • Nageswara Yogi added an answer:
    Future of the library?
    If the first option is google, what will be the future of the library?.
    Interesting report from OCLC.
    Online Catalogs: What Users and Librarians Want .
    An end user’s expectations and work practices on the Web influence his or her decision to use a library online catalog.OCLC, 2008.

    "The findings suggest two traditions of information organization at work—one from librarianship and the other from the Web. Librarians’ perspectives about data quality remain highly influenced by their profession’s classical principles of information organization, while end users’ expectations of data quality arise largely from their experiences of how information is organized on popular Web sites. What is needed now is to integrate the best of both worlds in new, expanded definitions of what “quality” means in library online catalogs."
    Executive summary [OCLC]
    Nageswara Yogi

    I agree with Prabhat Ranjan.  His answer is supplementing my answer given to this question on July 15, 2014

  • Marek Pavlík added an answer:
    Should all publicly funded projects, that have web resources as an output, be produced sustainably?
    What happens to those Web resources when the organisations are no longer in existence? Public money has often been used to develop these resources - from that perspective it would be a shame to lose them.
    Marek Pavlík
    I think that there is no general answer. Answers depend on the content of the Web and on the purpose of the original investment. However based on the idea of cost benefit analysis; the benefits from output/outcome should be higher than costs.

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