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I'm currently learning about rate-based congestion control for industrial wireless sensor network. Suppose there is a network consisting of several sensor nodes and one coordinator node connected in star topology (coordinator as a center of topology). Periodically, sensor nodes will transmit sensing data to the coordinator node.
The algorithm that I'm working on is designed to change the transmission rate of each sensor nodes every time a congestion occur (coordinator receive too many packets within a short time, hence making the receiving buffer overflows). As this algorithm is intended for industrial wireless sensor network, I want to try to combine them with WirelessHart and ISA100.11a protocol. As both protocols are designed over IEEE802.15.4 protocol with Time-Slotted Channel Hopping (TSCH) in its Link Layer, the transmit rate will be dependent on the timeslot size in slotframe. Hence my current conclusion is that: during network operation, if my algorithm wants to change a node's transmit rate, my algorithm must be able to change the TSCH timeslot size. Is it possible to implement my algorithm to TSCH devices currently on market? Is it recommended? Or does my conclusion not correct?
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Thank you Aparna Sathya Murthy for the reference given. The protocol itself is still in software simulation phase, with many things still being considered and have not been implemented in hardware simulation or real case.
Thank you Senslab Homa for the reference given.
Thank you Yuemin Ding for your response. I was not aware of this system manager function before. I will recheck again my case scenario and simulation to better portray the real implementation.
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I need an advice. What is the most efficient way to implement real-time control algorithm which needs to perform the following three steps every 5 minutes:
1. Read measurements from data base,
2. Based on measurements calculate control variables,
3. Write calculated control variables to database.
Thank you in advance.
Regards, Anita.
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Hello Anita,
I do not know whether you are looking for a MATLAB / Simulink based or a real-time hardware-based solution but my approach would be -
1) Use a timer based interrupt with 5 minute (300 seconds) interval rate.
2) When an interrupt is received perform the tasks as per your requirements as -
3) Read the measurement from (say an ADC or) your database
4) Do some processing / calculations
5) Write the result  to (say a DAC or) your database
6) Wait in loop for next interrupt to arrive/occur.
If you want to use only the database (or a memory array) instead of the ADC/DAC, you will have to modify (increment/decrement) the database pointers accordingly in each of the step above as needed.
I hope this addresses your question or else we can discuss further.
Thanks and best luck!