• Tony Nguyen added an answer:
    Where can I get A-dmDT390-bisFv(UCHT1)?

    For my upcoming project, I am looking for the Anti-CD3 recombinant diphtheria immunotoxin, A-dmDT390-bisFv(UCHT1). Is there a supplier for this agent somewhere?

    Tony Nguyen

    Thank you for your response.

    I will contact Jung-Hee Woo asking about it.

  • Amal Halabi added an answer:
    What can I do when newly purchased RAW 264.7 does not respond to LPS (10-500 ng/mL)?
    We recently purchased macrophage like cell RAW 264.7 from European collection of cell cultures. The cells have been thawed according to original handling procedure for frozen cells. We have now passage no.10. They seems completely healthy, no sign of contamination, no visible morphological changes. Unfortunately, the cells do not respond to LPS (10-500 ng/mL) at all, measured with Griess reagent as NO production. Griess reagent is new and fresh. The positive control (LPS) does not differ from negative control +/- 4 uM NO. LPS was previously tested on "old" RAW cells and it worked even at low concentration 10 ng LPS/mL.

    Because these cells are new and I want to avoid to buy new one, I kindly ask you for some suggestion what can I do? Should I try to apply CSF1 (M-CSF) or any other stimulus to stimulate them to start respond? Or does exist some other easier solution?
    Amal Halabi
    Hello Ondrej
    iF you still have the old RAW ,you can try activate your new one by adiing 1:1 old/new medium (old medium = supernatant mediium from the old growing RAW). If this did not work try to purchase from ATCC.,Good luck.
  • Bhaskar Vemu added an answer:
    What is the difference between lead nitrate and lead chloride bioavailability in sheep or in another species after repeated oral administration?
    I am conducting an experimental design in view to relate between repeated lead nitrate oral administration to non-lactating ewes with toxicological responses such as oxidative stress and immunotoxicity (Immuglobulins, B and T Lymphocyts). I am surprised to find a value of blood lead lower than that observed after repeated lead chloride. Note that the accuracy of analytical method is good.
    Bhaskar Vemu
    has anyone tried to test the in vitro absorption assessment using caco cells. Also it is true that different formulations have different absorption capacities, but, the volume of the liquids administered orally, concentration of lead salts in the solution and the feeding status (i.e., fasting/post prandial) should also be seen. As we all know that rumen contains lot many living organsims, we should also see if the alteration in pH because of chloride or nitrate or nitrite or ammonia affects the absorption of lead (due to complex formation). we should see if lead absorption follows a zero or first order kinetics as well.
  • Reza Banihashemi added an answer:
    Which bacterial toxin is better for the treatment of cancer?
    Immunotoxin therapy.
    Reza Banihashemi
    Hi thanks a lot this toxine is very general by several problem
  • Varun Ahuja added an answer:
    Why only sheep RBC are considered for use as an antigen in immune related tests?

    Is it because of the presence of LFA3 which causes rosetting, or is there any other reason?

    Varun Ahuja
    Hello Dr. Zabrodskii.....thanks for all your efforts in providing such a detailed reply to my query..
    I agree with your opinion that sheep blood is more of 'traditional', as the early research would have originated from some cold countries. However, I think that goat would also make a good source for such experiments depending on the regions of the world where they are easily available.

    Thanks & Regards.....
  • Marina Ninkov asked a question:
    Can anyone help me with lymphocyte isolation from a rat's small intestine?
    Is it possible to use 2-mercaptoethanol instead of DTT?
  • Ioannis D Kyriazis added an answer:
    Can any one suggest a method to study macrophage activity in fish head kidney?
    Head kidney is the main immunological organ in fishes
    Ioannis D Kyriazis
    Yes. You could check the phagocytosis ability of and capacity of isolated macrophages from Head Kidney tissue...You can check it with yeasts or with fluorescent beads through FACS analysis.
    You can check the below paper that is published by the laboratory that I worked. These days we participated in a new programme and i advanced this technique with fluorescent beads through FACS Analysis...if you search more in pubmed you can find many procedures with trivial alterations..
    If you need more help do not hesitate to contact...

    Karagouni E, Athanassopoulou F, Tsagozis P, Ralli E, Moustakareas T, Lytra K, Dotsika E.
    Int J Immunopathol Pharmacol. 2005 Jan-Mar;18(1):121-32.
    The impact of a successful anti-myxosporean treatment on the phagocyte functions of juvenile and adult Sparus aurata L.

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