Computer Communications (Networks)

Computer Communications (Networks)

  • Ali MOHAMED Ejmaa added an answer:
    How to design mathematical model for AODV routing protocol?

    How to design mathematical model for AODV routing protocol? I have develop new routing protocol, I would like to design or write the mathematical model for this routing protocol ? is there any book I can read it . Thank you in Advance .

    Ali MOHAMED Ejmaa

    Thank you so much for all your responses,  if you have another easy book because I am still new in the filed ? and Could I use this paper as reference since there is no journal name in it  . Thank you in advance .

  • Robert Wahlstedt added an answer:
    How to establish path between two nodes in ONE simulator using ACO techniques?

    in ONE Simulator to find the path between  source and destination using ACO techniques

    Robert Wahlstedt

    Hi Rafiq, I have had success with the DEAP Simulator written in python .  I found good information in Google Books by John Koza. Here is some helpful code about DEAP Here is a is a dissertation I found useful. 

  • Mansour Naser Alraja added an answer:
    How to improve network lifetime and applying collision free relay selection strategies in DEL-CMAC protocol?

    i want to get answer of my question from researcher from XIAOYAN WANG 

    Mansour Naser Alraja

    Dear Manisha,

    The attached paper Titled: "DEL - CMAC Protocol Design for Improving Network Lifetime of MANETS ".
    May it will help.

    Best wishes,


  • Harilaos Koumaras added an answer:
    What is the last practical use of SDN in network fields nowadays?

    I had read and hear many papers and news that talk about the SDN technique in the network fields. I don't know if the SDN is still a research based or it applied on the work life. so, what is the last issues of using the SDN technique in the network applications?

    if you have any idea about that? 

    Harilaos Koumaras

    I think that it depends on the framework you conceive SDN. In terms of network programmability, SDN provides an easy and unified way to perform network management. However, currently SDN still remains a hot topic as Prosper Chemoul previously mentioned, because it is considered as an enabling technology for NFV (Network Function Virtualization). So, according to this trend, which is currently one of the hottest research topics across various industries, the virtualization/softwarization of HW-based appliances is based on the framework of the Virtual Network Function (VNF), which encompasses the flexibility and the advantages of the softwarization and cloudification, where the SDN is exploited for performing the necessary network engineering towards efficiently acheving traffic steering via the deployed VNFs.
    Practically speaking, the trend is the replacement of network HW-based systems with software ones hosted in clouds (significant CAPEX and OPEX reductions, while flexibility and adaptability is better), where SDN is used for forwarding/steering the service traffic within the clouds and specifically through these softwarised systems: the VNFs (similarly as it happened when they were hardware-based). I recommend to have a look at the ETSI NFV MANO initiative, which will provide you sufficient information on the SDN/NFV concepts and management/orchestration issues.
    Furthermore, a closer look to ONF, will provide you also further aspects on SDN utilization after the deployment phase of the NFV, where SDN controllers are considered (usually in a  recursive manner) for managing the deployed Virtual Network Functions (VNFs).
    There are also H2020 European Projects working in the field, such as T-NOVA, UNIFY, SESAME, VITAL, CHARISMA etc. They have produced many documents and results that will help you to understand what is trending now.    

  • Sukant Kishoro Bisoy added an answer:
    Can the active queue management(AQM) be implemented in MATLAB?

    Chuan Zhou 10.83
    Nanjing University of Science ..., Nanjing · School of Automation

    Sukant Kishoro Bisoy

    thanks for the answer

  • Joseph Jude added an answer:
    How can We modify file in NS2 (Network simulator) for Packet marking.??

    According to Hybrid TTL identication based IP traceback technique in attachment paper

    Joseph Jude

    Dear Sukhwinder Singh

    You have to modify the following file 

    ip.h (to include your congestion notification field in IP header)

    flag.h (to include your flag in TCP header)

    tcp.h and (for congestion control algorithm to respond)

  • Mohammed-Amine Koulali added an answer:
    Is there any manet simulator that takes as parameter the probability distribution of inter-contcat times?

    Hi all,

    I need a simulator to analyze the bahavior of mobile nodes mowing according to a synhetic mobility pattern described by the probabilistic ditribution of inter-contact times of mobile nodes.

    Best regards

    Mohammed-Amine Koulali

    Dear Barun,

    Thanks for your answer, indeed I use RWP mobility pattern  and estimate of the distribution of ICT post simulation. I was wandering if I could avoid this backward estimation of the ICT distribution through fitting by having at the start of the simulation the exact parameter value of the exponential distribution :)

    Many thanks

  • Veera Nagaiah Maddikayala added an answer:
    Could anyone suggest an efficient network decomposition technique to analyse the computer data communication networks?

    Studying  the computer and communication networks in terms of Graph structures is one of the fields of current interest. In this direction Graph algorithms are investigated to get deep into the topic of interest.

    Veera Nagaiah Maddikayala

    I thank all of  you for responding for my question.

  • Gustavo Gedler added an answer:
    What is misclassification error and what algorithm is best for this?

    this question's answer is helpful for my project

    Gustavo Gedler

    What I do in practice instead of look for the best method that not exist (I totally agree with Koczkodaij , this universal method does not exist) is to try to use methods like Bagging, random forest to avoid samples problems or staking to improve the results of each particular method minimizing the misclassification error

  • Pagon Gatchalee added an answer:
    Can anybody help me to get matlab code for trust computation?
    The matlab code is needed for the simulation of my research work. The trust computation is on peer to peer network and I am using 8 bits trust vector. The trust code should handle both direct and indirect trust. The trust model is based on Eigentrust and Fuzzy trust.
    Pagon Gatchalee

    Could you send this matlab code to me also? my e-mail is 

    Thanks so much.

  • Sourav KUMAR Bhoi added an answer:
    How can I find location by using mobile towers' signal?

    I'm making location based alarm.I want to get mobile towers' signal to it.But I don't have any idea about how mobile tower work.

    Sourav KUMAR Bhoi

  • Dr. Vaishali S. Parsania added an answer:
    Can someone help me to find some information or some papers about how Facebook uses big data , including Hadoop ?

    Someone can help me to find some information or some papers about how Facebook uses big data, including Hadoop ?

    I try to find, but can't find anything..Someone help me..

    Dr. Vaishali S. Parsania

    You may like following article to refer:

  • Ibrahim Abdullahi added an answer:
    What form of caching should be adopted for the future paradigm shift of Internet through Information-centric networking?

    Should caches be based on positioning?

    Should recency and frequency in content manipulation be the major variables to caching in ICN?

    Ibrahim Abdullahi

    Great and widely covered.

    Check this also, this is our work also on caching.

  • Libertad Pantoja-Hernàndez added an answer:
    Can anyone recommend a collaborative tool for work with researches?

    I'm remotely working with two other engineers. Our content as a database that requires data visualisation, some scripts on Python/R and article in LaTex. We use github and skype for out work, but this is not good enough. Are there any platform designed for this kind of collaboration?

    Libertad Pantoja-Hernàndez

    For the article I strongly suggest Overleaf (it has been really helpful to work remotely with my advisors). 

  • Qi Su asked a question:
    Can anyone suggest some recent papers regarding deployment of content servers for CDN?

    Can anyone suggest some recent papers regarding deployment of content servers for CDN?

  • Kashif Naseer Qureshi added an answer:
    What are the mapping parameters for quality of service?

    I want to know the parameter of qos for mapping traffic from intserv to diffserv

    Kashif Naseer Qureshi

    In order for the service level management system to verify whether the specified QoS parameters are being met, the system must gather performance data from the underlying network performance monitoring system and map such data to the QoS parameters. Some QoS parameters are availability, delivery, latency, bandwidth, MTBF and MTRS.

  • Yasir Karam added an answer:
    Is there any efficient method in Opportunistic Routing (OR) to let the highest priority candidate node forward the received packet?

    As for traditional Opportunistic routing (OR) (e.g. ExOR), the candidate node who received the packet from the upstream node will send back an ACK in the corresponding timeslot according to it's priority in the sender's candidate set.

    The ACK serves the following purposes:

    1. Let the sender know that there is at least one node in the candidate set          have received the packet;

    2. Achieve the candidate cooperation goal. As for ExOR, to let the highest           priority node in the candidate set who received the packet do forwarding,       every node will send an ACK in the corresponding timeslot. If a candidate       node hear a higher priority node's ACK before it's timeslot, such node's ID     will be added in the lower priority node's ACK. According to this method,         the duplicate forwarding of a certain packet will rarely happen.

    The ExOR seems not efficient as there is no need for every candidate to return back an ACK in some situation. So I propose this question to ask if there is any efficient method to achieve the candidate cooperation goal?  

    Yasir Karam

    Use AI reasoning techniques such as automated planning, node evaluation, eager dispatching, late binding,...etc 

  • Sai R N added an answer:
    How do I calculate energy consumed in WSN simulation in NetSim?

    Can some one tell me how is energy consumption in WSN calculated. The nodes can be in transmitting or receiving or idle or in sleep ? Also how is the energy consumed by the entire network calculated ? Thanks

    Sai R N

    Thank you Haitao and Akash

  • Gandhi Kishan Bipinchandra added an answer:
    How do we implement Watchdog Protocol for detecting misbehaving nodes/links in Wireless Sensor Networks?

    I have been trying to implement Watchdog mechanism in NS2 to detect misbehaving nodes/links in wireless sensor networks. Please guide!

    Gandhi Kishan Bipinchandra

    i think you can use Autonomic Workload Provisioning (AWP) technique this can be helpful to you

    • Source
      [Show abstract] [Hide abstract]
      ABSTRACT: Cloud computing is an on demand technology as it offers dynamic and supple resource allocation for trustworthy and guaranteed services in pay as-you-use way to public. The specialty of this technology is that the any number of cloud services can be concurrently accessed by any number of users. In desktop-as-a-service cloud computing, user applications are executed in Virtual Desktop on remote servers. This offers great advantages in terms of usability and resource utilization; however, handling a large amount of clients in the most efficient manner poses important challenges. Especially deciding how many clients to handle on one server, and where to execute the user applications at each time is important. Assigning too many users to one server leads to customer dissatisfaction, while assigning too little leads to higher investments costs. We study different aspects to optimize the resource usage and customer satisfaction. Here in this paper a survey is carried out on the area of resource allocation strategies which tries to preserves the customer satisfaction to its maximum. The merits and demerits of each technique are also discussed.
      Full-text · Article · Dec 2013 · IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing
  • Priyanka Bansal asked a question:
    Response is not coming from drool-guvnor, How it communicate with rabbitmq?

    Response is not coming from drool-guvnor, is there any setting of drool-guvnor in rabbitmq?? how these two communicates? If response is null, then what could be the various problems ?

  • Aliyu Babale added an answer:
    What is the difference between AWR, HFSS, ADS, CST?
    Under what circumstances and parameters is each best to be used? General Concept information about Microwave design softwares?
    Aliyu Babale

    Hi every1. can some1 advise me on which of the tool is suitable for my work? i am working on Branch line coupler.

  • Simar Preet Singh added an answer:
    Can any one tell how can implement live migration of VM by cloudsim?

    Live migration refers to the process of moving a running virtual machine or application between different physical machines without disconnecting the client or application. Memory, storage, and network connectivity of the virtual machine are transferred from the original host machine to the destination

    Simar Preet Singh

    Have any one implemented load balancing on Cloud Sim? do ping at

  • Mohammad zakaria Masoud added an answer:
    What is the well position of base station in leach, leach-c and pegasis?

    Hi friends,

    After your experiences, tell me what the best position of the base station in an area of 100 x 100 m, is the center, or the extremity or outside corresponding to the best density (number of nodes)?

    Thank you.

    Best regards

    Mohammad zakaria Masoud

    All WSN papers that deal with clustering locate sink in the center. The locations of other nodes are random with normal distribution. this makes the center more near to most of the nodes. If you try to use K-mean algrithm to find four different clusters you will find that they located around the center. 

  • Akash Mondal added an answer:
    How can I implement a bursty packet loss model using multistate Markov models?

    My problem is how to implement the time where a link is not used. Example. Let us assume a two-state markov chain (Gilbert-Elliott model). Node 1 sends a packet to node 2 and this packet is lost so that the model goes to the state "last packet was lost". Now the congestion control mechanism at node 1 drops this packet (due to deadline or other parameter). After a time where the link 12 is not used, I guess that the model should come back to the state "last packet was right".

    1. Is this right? Should this time be equal to a packet transmission time? Maybe it should be related to the coherence time of the channel but I guess that these models are somehow an abstraction of the physical layer.

    2. Moreover, I have never read that the packet size is taken into account. Do these models take into account that all the packets have the same size?

    Akash Mondal

    You can use a two state markov chain for creating bursty packet loss

    State 1 - packets without loss

    State 2 - packets undergo loss

    p is the transition probability to remain in state 1, while 1-p is the transition probability it will go from 1 to 2. q is the transition probability it will stay in state 2 while 1-q is the probability it will go from state 2 to state 1. As you increase p and q, the amount of burstiness will increase.

    The packet error rate PER = 1 - ((1-BER)^Packetlength). In your calculations somewhere packet length will affect p and q.

  • Manju Shanmugam added an answer:
    Whether simulation of Disruption Tolerant Networks (DTN) can be done by using NS2? Does it requires any patch file?

    Which tool will best suit DTN simulation?




    Manju Shanmugam

    Thanks Mr.Juan. Will try doing that.

  • Bambi Jimenez added an answer:
    Analytical vs Simulation results?

    I am working on verifying bandwidth consumption for my proposed method with the existing related work. I have verified the same with simulation results and would now also like to verify the results analytically. How can i proceed ahead. Should i have to derive a mathematical expression and then simulate it and compare with the simulation set of results. I lack the understanding of theoretical analysis.

    Bambi Jimenez

    analytical is for the sciences (CS) while implementation is for IT

  • Katumba Noah added an answer:
    What is the current problem with OTP on multicloud and what are the prevention solutions? Will OTP secure data in multicloud?

    Importance of OTP and Disadvantage of OTP

     What is the current problem with OTP on multicloud and what are the prevention solutions? Will OTP secure data in multicloud?

    Katumba Noah

    Authentication is the key for information security for the reason that if the authentication mechanism is compromised, the rest of the security
    measures are by passed as well password (OTP) schemes, offer available
    alternative or a supplement to traditional password schemes
    The approaches designed password authentication schemes enable one to
    overcome guessing attack and achieve mutual authentication.

    Multi factor authentication security process in provides two means of
    identification, one of which is typically a physical token, such as an application and
    the other of  which is typically something memorized, such as a security code or password. In this context, the two factors involved are sometimes spoken of as something you have and something you know.
    The need for encrypting Passwords comes from fact that we need to protect passwords of users .
    The users then will be prevented from attacks like brute force attack, phishing,
    Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) through password encryption and multi factor
    authentication(via One Time Password and image security at registration)

      IADIS international Conference, Applied Computing 2007, Salamanca, Spain, pp. 160,167

  • Ram Narayan Yadav added an answer:
    How do I find Hamiltonian cycle in given a nice tree decompositions?

    Given a nice tree decomposition of width w of graph with n vertices, HAMILTONIAN CYCLE can be solved in time w^O(w ).n. Could anyone send me the papers related to finding Hamiltonian Cycle on nice tree decomposition in time w^O(w ) · n ?

    Ram Narayan Yadav

    Dear Muneer,

    Thank you for reply but I am asking Dynamic programming on graph G of bounded tree
    width to check whether G contains Hamiltonian cycle or not.

  • Heitor Scalco Neto added an answer:
    Can someone explain how the two-second time window of KDD Cup 99 works?

    Hello everybody.

    I'm implementing an Network Intrusion Detection System with Neural Networks.
    But, to apply this method in a real network, I need a "parser".

    I have a question about the two-second time windows of KDD Cup 99 (Table 3 of

    How it works? I need get the last two-second of each connection or the last two-second before each connection? Or something else?

    Heitor Scalco Neto

    Thank you Abdullah!

  • Gasim Alandjani added an answer:
    Can someone explain the concept of cloud computing with real-time examples or analogies?How does cloud service work in the organization?

    I wish to do my research in the field of Cloud Computing and Security. Kindly provide me the ideas to start up my research work. Thank You

    Gasim Alandjani

    Accessing any computer services without knowing computers physical condition or location is virtually known as cloud computing. There are other characteristics by which cloud can be distinguished. i.e. by on demand service a cloud use can one-sided get provision of using computing services, storage services, network services without going in detail and without human interaction to each service. Broad network access privilege is also available by the use of standard techniques of using heterogeneous network client include think or think client platforms. By the use of clouds companies shared their resources by resource pooling through which computing, broadband network, memory and storage resources are pooled and are available for different users for their heterogeneous nature of requirements without knowing details about physical location of these backend pooled resources. Capabilities can be automatically available to fulfilled the run-time or on demand services. To the consumer, the available capabilities are appeared as to be unlimited and can be approached at any time in quantity. Resources are automatically controlled and optimized by leveraging a metering capability at some level of abstraction which are appropriate for some services like processing storage, bandwidth and user accounts which also give a privilege to print report for resources usage by the use of histogram to ensure transparency for both consumer and service provider.

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