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Accelerate your hiring process by searching for the most qualified candidates on our platform and contacting them directly.

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What is Candidate Search?

ResearchGate’s active sourcing feature allows you to search for candidates based on skills, expertise, and location, and contact them directly in their ResearchGate inboxes.


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Get access to in-depth information on candidates
Get the detailed information you need on candidates to quickly identify the best talent for your team.
Contact your candidates directly
Identify the best talent for a role and send them personalized messages straight to their ResearchGate inboxes.

How does it work?

Find best-fit candidates

Directly source scientific researchers based on skills, research area, publishing history, career level, and location.
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Review their profiles

Learn more about a researcher’s educational and professional background, skills and interests, publication co-authors, and their broader scientific social network.
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Reach out to them directly

Put together a shortlist of highly qualified candidates for your role and send them a personalized message.

More than 90% of ResearchGate members surveyed said they are interested in receiving messages from potential employers.
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Ready to start sourcing the best candidates for your team?

Contact our recruitment specialists to get access to Candidate Search on ResearchGate today.

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