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September 7, 2020

Candidate Search enables recruiters, sourcers, and talent acquisition specialists to discover and directly message the best candidates for a job via ResearchGate — the platform, where more than 18-million researchers gather to share research, connect with their scientific peers, and to advance their careers.

Get your free trial* of Candidate Search. Learn more about how this new tool works and how it can serve your hiring needs.

Candidate Search puts the power in your hands

The coronavirus has certainly resulted in a decrease in hiring across science and research. But among recruiters, there has been a 1.5-times increase in high-volume usage of the Candidate Search tool since COVID-19 hit. Savvy hiring teams are engaging in select 1-to-1 recruitment, even if hiring might be officially frozen or reduced. Using ResearchGate’s Candidate Search, you can actively source and directly message chosen candidates via the platform — filling your talent pipelines with prospects for both current and future roles.

Find the talent that will best-serve your organization

You can search for your ideal candidates directly by first and last name, their current or past organization, skills, research area, publishing history, career level, and location. And our new Boolean search operators let you bring a new level of rigor to the discovery of your ideal job candidate. 93% of the researchers we surveyed are open to being contacted by recruiters on ResearchGate, so there’s a fair chance that the researchers you discover here could become your next hire.

Evaluate talent from a scientific perspective

On a researcher’s profile page you can evaluate a candidate’s employment and education history. A significant distinction between ResearchGate and other professional platforms is that on ResearchGate you can see a researcher’s publications. This can offer you deeper insight into how qualified a researcher might be for a particular role. Furthermore, you can see the other researchers that are citing their publications and scientific output, as well as their co-authors and also social connections. This can give you the context you need to better understand a researcher’s impact and reputation within the scientific community.

Establish contact and stoke a candidate’s interest

Once you find a candidate attractive for the job, and you’d like to initiate contact, message them directly on ResearchGate. According to a recent survey of our ResearchGate members, 78% of them are open to new research opportunities, even if they’re not actively searching for a job. You can share with them job posts that you have listed on ResearchGate. You can also point them toward your employer branding campaigns on ResearchGate, so that they can understand more about your organization and the opportunities they may have there. Finally, with your Candidate Search seat, you can send up to 1,000 messages to unique researchers per month, ensuring you cover your organization’s full STEM talent sourcing needs.

Right now is the time for savvy hiring teams to utilize innovative sourcing and recruitment methods to continue powering top-performing scientific research teams.

We’re currently offering a two-week free trial* of Candidate Search. Learn more about how this new tool works and how it can serve your hiring needs.

*Terms and conditions apply to the free trial. Contact us today to learn more.

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