How Candidate Search can help you take control of your hiring

September 29, 2020

With so many highly skilled candidates, identifying a new STEM hire with the right qualifications or specific publishing history can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. This is why you need the right tools to help you narrow your search.

How to solve today’s recruitment problems

For many recruiters, timing is often crucial for the task at hand. Whether it’s because you need to fill a role right away or start warming up talent for a role which isn’t available yet, sifting through irrelevant CVs or profiles is not ideal. That’s why we’ve worked to make this job simple. Candidate Search is ResearchGate’s active sourcing tool that allows recruiters to filter through our pool of over 20 million members, find their ideal candidates, and reach out to them directly.

Candidate Search lets you take control of your hiring strategy. Here’s how:

Dig deep into a scientist’s research work to get the full picture

When looking to recruit, professional networks might be your first port of call. However, these might yield irrelevant profiles, or just not provide the level of detail required to understand if the talent fits a specific role. This isn’t the case with ResearchGate’s Candidate Search. With the help of Boolean search, you can find and evaluate not only a potential employee’s profile, but also their body of research work and all the STEM researchers they’re connected to on ResearchGate — a clever way to source similar, qualified candidates. This publishing profile is unique, as most other platforms do not host such deep research-related information. If you’re looking for a highly specialised scientist, ResearchGate is the place to find them.

You can start meaningful conversations by building your own recruiter profile

Researchers and scientists on ResearchGate are twice as likely to open messages from recruiters who have filled out their recruiter profile information. So, while you look for specific information about candidates, don’t forget to provide the same in return so our members can do their homework on you and your organization too. Once you’ve found candidates that match your requirements, you can kick things off with direct messages. This allows you to increase awareness of your organization and also quickly gauge whether the talent you’ve identified is open to new opportunities. Getting to know candidates and finding out in the early stages how engaged they are could be the difference between a quick or prolonged hiring process.

It helps you adopt an always-on hiring strategy

In uncertain times, many employers put the brakes on hiring activity. However, it may not be a good move to abandon candidate engagement altogether. Yes, it saves budget in the short term, but if an employee in a business-critical role decides to move on, your operations may be affected if you don't replace them quickly.

Male and female senior researchers looking at and analysing candidates' profiles on a laptop in the lab

We’re currently offering a free trial* of Candidate Search. Learn more about how this new tool works and how it can serve your hiring needs.

We know that 78% of researchers are open to new research opportunities, even if they’re not actively searching for a new job. Using Candidate Search to warm up potential hires is a great way of enriching a talent pipeline, even if you don’t need to act on it immediately. In some cases, a simple conversation can prime talented applicants until they’re ready to move. Don’t discount the value of having a great new hire interested in a potential new role at your organization, even if you’re not actively hiring yet.

Drawn out hiring processes aren’t good for anyone — employer or applicant — because they can increase hiring costs, impact productivity, and disappoint candidates. Even in times of economic uncertainty, your organization’s ambitious plans shouldn’t necessarily be scrapped. Embrace technology that can turbo-charge your hiring strategy, drive ROI, and cut costs simultaneously — like ReseachGate’s Candidate Search.

We’re currently offering a free trial* of Candidate Search. Learn more about how this new tool works and how it can serve your hiring needs.

Last updated on February 24, 2022, to reflect current membership figures.

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