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The quality of Artemia cysts size can be determined by biometrical characterization. In this study, the combined effects of salinity and ferric citrate were studied on the biometric characterization of Artemia by single clonal reproduction under the laboratory condition. Results of control treatment showed increasing of the salinity correlates...


... From a reproductive point of view, this organism is characterized by two reproductive modes, oviparous and ovoviviparous, enabling it to adapt to these extreme environments. The first breeding mode is a diapause process driven by environmental factors related to variations in salinity, temperature, photoperiod, iron concentration, and diet (Versichele and Sorgeloos, 1980;Wang et al., 2017, Wang et al., 2019. The result is the production of a cyst that contains a gastrulae embryo in the diapause stage and is coated with a rigid chitinous shell (Jackson and Clegg, 1996;Liang and MacRae, 1999;MacRae 2003). ...