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•Despite their major effects on positive symptoms, antipsychotics do not have a significant effect on cognition in schizophrenia•Bilateral high frequency rTMS targeting dorsolateral prefrontal cortices has been effective on working memory•Bilateral 20 Hz rTMS improved attention and verbal working memory in schizophrenia patients,•It also improved t...


... Brunelin and colleagues correctly state that utilizing multiple search databases is also necessary in a systematic review (Bramer et al., 2017), which could theoretically identify more studies that fit the search criteria. In this instance, the 21 articles they identified are all indexed on the PubMed Regarding the studies not included in our review, we thank Brunelin and colleagues for bringing these 21 additional articles utilizing accelerated rTMS in schizophrenia to our attention (Basavaraju et al., 2020;Basavaraju et al., 2021;Bation et al., 2021;Bor et al., 2009;Brady et al., 2019;Demirtas-Tatlidede et al., 2010;Dlabac-de Lange et al., 2015;Dollfus et al., 2018;Dollfus et al., 2008;Güleken et al., 2020;Jardri et al., 2012;Kim et al., 2014;Kimura et al., 2016;Koops et al., 2016;Montagne-Larmurier et al., 2009;Poulet et al., 2005;Poulet et al., 2009;Poulet et al., 2008;Rachid et al., 2013;Tyagi et al., 2022). We further commend the authors for reporting the study parameters using the same table format as in our review, which provides the reader a nice complement to Supplementary Tables 1-2 in Caulfield et al., 2022. ...