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The agricultural environment continues to be used for inappropriate technology, reduced agricultural land, insufficient inputs (chemical fertilizers and inorganic pesticides), and air. Rice is the most important food crop in Indonesia because almost all residents use rice as a staple food. Rice straw is a source of organic material that is availabl...


... Biochar applied at the rate of 1%, or 16 t ha À1 (tonne per hectare) equivalent was able to improve crop productivity and soil nutrient status (Speratti et al. 2018). Similarly, biochar of rice husk and straw compost (straw husk ash, sawdust, water hyacinth, and prebiotic decomposers) improved the rice straw's growth, i.e., plant height and the number of tillers with higher yields (Nisa et al. 2019). Furthermore, Tibouchina biochar elevated soil mineral concentration (Mg, K, Ca, and Zn), decreased soil acidity, increased soil microbiome species richness, and improved cassava growth (von Gunten et al. 2019). ...