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In the paper, we consider random variables and stochastic processes from the space Fψ(Ω) and study approximation problems for such processes. The method of series decomposition of stochastic processes from Fψ(Ω) is used to find an approximating process called a model. The rate ofconvergence of the model to the process in the uniform norm is investi...
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This paper is devoted to the investigation of conditions for the eak convergence in the space $C(T)$ of the stochastic processes from the space $\mathbf{F}_\psi(\Omega)$. Using this conditions the limit theorem for stochastic processes from the space $\mathbf{F}_\psi(\Omega)$ has been obtained. This theorem can be utilized for gaining the given app...


... Let also ρ(p, γ), (p, γ) ∈ Q , be some positive continuous numerical valued function. . (17) Our aim in this short report is to establish the interrelation properties between tail behavior of a random variable and its belonging to appropriate (generalized) Grand Zygmund Space. Remark 1.2. ...