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Research deals with the analysis of theoretical aspects of increasing the competence of scientists and experts, whose task is to work with technology as a good promotion of technology on the market with a view to its commercialization or search for technological solutions according to the tasks of the organization and to examine the startup methodo...


... Observing the reality experienced by startups, we need to develop ways to guide the process of developing products and business models in order to reduce the barriers of entry of these startups to the market, reduce risks and uncertainties, with less waste of resources (Araújo, Reis and Morais, 2021;Borseman et al., 2016). In the context of the TBPP, LS stands out as a relevant approach to improving the efficiency of skills at all stages: i) in the world of technology (initial stage), it helps for the ideation and research processes (Chesbrough and Tucci, 2020) and in the reduction of uncertainties (Hinz and Eisenbart, 2019); ii) in the world of transition from technology to product and business (intermediate stage), it contributes in the structuration of business model projects (de Faria, Santos and Zaidan, 2021;Chesbrough and Tucci, 2020;Hinz and Eisenbart, 2019;Mansoori, Karlsson and Lundqvist, 2019) and to facilitate the learning process among entrepreneurs (Mansoori, Karlsson and Lundqvist, 2019) and; iii) in the world of business (final stage), the LS practices contribute with some activities of the technology transfer processes, experimentation and adjustments to the market (Chesbrough and Tucci, 2020;Omelyanenko et al., 2018). ...