Yountaik Leem's research while affiliated with Hanbat National University and other places

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This study analyzed the changes in particulate matter concentrations according to land-use over time and the spatial characteristics of the distribution of particulate matter concentrations using big data of particulate matter in Daejeon, Korea, measured by Private Air Quality Monitoring Smart Sensors (PAQMSSs). Land-uses were classified into resid...


... The development of geographic information technology, especially the application of big data (Toole et al., 2012;Long and Shen, 2015;He et al., 2018;Jo et al., 2020) and machine classification model (Wachtel et al., 2018;Li et al., 2019), provides new ideas for urban industrial land identification. Among big data commonly used in urban land research, point of interest (POI) data offers the advantages of wide coverage, large amount of data, and easy access (Ivan et al., 2016). ...