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This paper examines the HR practices of mature born-global firms from 29 emerging economies. Through an examination of large scale survey data the paper questions the extent to which firm size impacts the employment of temporary workers, the employment of skilled workers and the extent of employee training. Findings suggest that as firm size increa...


... Interestingly, despite the acknowledgement of the importance of human capital for SME internationalisation (Paul et al., 2017;Buzavaite & Korsakiene, 2019;Chandra et al., 2020), there is a persistent knowledge gap concerning HRM practices in this context (Francioni et al., 2016, p. 207;Paul et al., 2017, p. 334). Moreover, of the sparse empirical works addressing these issues, almost none concern the early and rapid internationalisation of SMEs (notable exceptions include Isidor et al., 2011;Glaister et al., 2014;Ripollé et al., 2018;Breuillot, 2021). Until now, researchers investigating the accelerated internationalisation of SMEs have focused either on the human capital of decision-makers or selected attributes of employees, although these have only been at the pre-entry or entry stages (Onkelinx et al., 2016). ...