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Background During the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccine hesitancy (VH) on COVID-19 vaccination still exists in different populations, which has a negative impact on epidemic prevention and control. The objectives were to explore college students' willingness to vaccinate, determine the factors influencing the vaccination behavior of students with COVID-19...


... For example, Aklil & Temesgan's (Aklil & Temesgan, 2022) study revealed that 50.0% of university students in Ethiopia reported positive attitude towards COVID-19 vaccination, and a study conducted in United Arab Emirates showed that the acceptance rate of COVID-19 vaccine among 467 university students was 56.3% (Shahwan et al., 2022). Up to now, the coverage rates of COVID-19 vaccine for university students in some provinces of China ranged from 76.2% to 81.7% (Cao et al., 2021;Xiong et al., 2022), and previous studies also reported that the willingness/acceptance rates of COVID-19 vaccine among university students in China ranged from 37.9% to 86.0% with large variation (Figure 1). There is insufficient evidence in some previous studies on the factors affecting the vaccination of Chinese university students, some of which were considered to be the main threats to health (WHO, 2019). ...