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Vehicle behaviors under extreme cornering are complex events that might result in rollover accidents. Simulations have been extensively used in the auto industry to protect vehicles from such accidents. Predictive capability of simulation relies on how accurate the math-based model represents the vehicle and its operating condition. Camber effects...


... Thus, most suitable combination of the integral geometry of the steering system for different camber angle and toe angle is analyzed and will be optimized to get better handling and stability of vehicle during cornering conditions. Pei Lu [3] investigated the effect of tire camber angle on vehicle dynamics in terms of lateral force; for extreme cornering conditions the effect of camber angle was studied with the Uni-Tire model by Guo et al. [4]. In some case yaw dynamics was not taken under consideration [5] similar study was carried out later to find that yaw rate response is also an important function of camber variation for front and rear wheels [6]. ...