Yihong Wang's research while affiliated with CNNC Beijing Research Institute of Uranium Geology and other places

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This study focused on producing flash flood hazard susceptibility maps (FFHSM) using frequency ratio (FR) and statistical index (SI) models in the Xiqu Gully (XQG) of Beijing, China. First, a total of 85 flash flood hazard locations (n = 85) were surveyed in the field and plotted using geographic information system (GIS) software. Based on the flas...


... As for the multicriteria analysis to evaluate flood hazard and risk, several methods have also been used (Souissi et al. 2020), like the analytical network process (Cao et al. 2016), the analytical hierarchy process (Ghosh and Kar 2018;Luu et al. 2018;Tang et al. 2018), the simple additive weighting ) and the technique for order preference by similarity to ideal solution ). These approaches rely on expert knowledge that can be twisted by confuse rulings and ambiguity (Miles and Snow 1984). ...