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The past decade witnessed rapid development of the theory of seismic interferometry followed by numerous applications of interferometric approaches in seismic exploration and exploitation. This body of work, partially collected in the "Seismic Interferometry" supplement of Geophysics (2006), SEG's 2008 reprint volume edited by Wapenaar et al., and...


... sources with higher frequency components than crustal-scale sources) have been studied (Nakata et al. 2011;Yuan et al. 2021;Zhang et al. 2021a). These ambient noise sources with higher frequencies were successfully applied to engineering-scale targets such as active fault imaging and bedrock detection (Grechka & Zhao 2012;Edme & Halliday 2016;Issa et al. 2017;Brenguier et al. 2019;Elita Li et al. 2019;Taylor et al. 2019;Zhang et al. 2019;Nilot et al. 2020;Polychronopoulou et al. 2020;Qian & Liu 2020;Chamarczuk et al. 2021;Zhang et al. 2021b;Draganov et al. 2009). ...