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This paper clarifies that China should take the urban-rural integration development planning as a chiefly assignment so that establish a scientific policy mechanism for implement ing its industry development and the rural land system reform; moreover, it analyses the mechanism of the regional industry development planning and its structure adjustme...


... Liu et al. (2013) find a significant difference between the incomes of people in urban and rural areas. Moreover, other researchers find that the status of education (Rao & Ye, 2016) and the development model (Song et al., 2012;Zheng & Yu, 2011) in urban areas differs from those in rural areas. As these differences may affect the relationship between upward educational mobility and income upward mobility in these areas, we divide our sample into an urban panel and a rural panel according to people's hukou, as Guo et al. (2019) do, and perform a comparative analysis. ...