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The major taphonomic processes that control insect preservation in carbonate rocks (limestones, travertines and nodules) are biological: insect size and wingspan, degree of decomposition, presence of microbial mats, predation and scavenging; environmental: water surface tension, water temperature, density and salinity, current activity; and diagene...


... Early studies on the taphonomic processes of insects were mainly focused on compression fossils. With the discovery of a large number of insects preserved in perfect 3D detail in fossil resins, amber taphonomy has also received attention (Martínez-Delclòs et al. 2004;Briggs 2018). Unlike compression fossils, ambers are usually dominated by particular taxonomic groups and size categories and can reveal interactions between different insects, and between insects and other organisms (Zherikhin et al. 1999;Martínez-Delclòs et al. 2004). ...