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Bos frontalis Lambert, 1804 and Bos gaurus Hamilton-Smith, 1827 are the domestic and wild forms, respectively, of the bovid commonly called the gaur. It is the world's largest cattle species. Bos gaurus is endemic to south and southeastern Asia, and today, the majority of its population occurs in India. It is sexually dimorphic, with adult males ha...


... Further challenges to the assessment of the association between domestication and neuropeptide gene changes stem from the domestication classification of some species and the genome assembly quality of other species. With respect to domestication assignments, for example, the gayl (Bos frontalis) is often considered the domestic form of the wild gaur (Bos gaurus) [67], however the degree of domestication is highly variable among the former group. With regards to sequence quality, the virtually identical nucleotide or protein sequences predicted from all camelid genomes available in this study invalidates the conclusion of adaptive introgression of endothelin 3 (EDN3) in South American camelids [6]. ...