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With the increasing number of international students travelling to well-developed countries for higher education, there has been a growing interest in exploring the factors that influence their academic performance during their overseas studies. This study aims to give an insight into international students’ learning experience by investigating the...


... There are four types of these dimensions: 1. Intellectual 2. Cognitive 3 and 4 are demographic and psychological (McKenzie & Schweitzer, 2001). These aspects, including academic accomplishment (Li, Chen, & Duanmu, 2010;McKenzie & Schweitzer, 2001), learning habits, and skills, have been thoroughly investigated in previous studies (Abbott-Chapman, Hughes, & Wyld, 1992). Learning approaches, subject-specific learning techniques, and "generic learning strategies" Duff, Boyle, Dunleavy, and Ferguson (2004); Pokay and Blumenfeld (1990) are all aspects that significantly impact students' academic success. ...