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Introduction: Diabetes is characterized by high blood sugar levels or hyperglycemia causing the increase of free radicals which increase the risk of various diseases. Ya-Hom Teppajid which consists of 45 plants and their properties had shown anti-diabetic activities in some herbs and the rest of the herbs have not been studied for these activities....


... Flowers of N.pubescens and N.nucifera were reported to possess antidiabetic activities ( -glucosidase inhibition) ( Pokhrel et al., 2022 ). Similarly, the whole flower of N.lotus was reported to better food supplements and beneficial to diabetic patients ( Chaiyawathanananthn et al., 2022 ). Nymphayol extracted from N.stellata is phytochemicals which has anti-diabetic properties was reported to improve damaged endocrine tissue and stimulates secretion of insulin in the -cells ( Raja et al., 2010 ). ...