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Evaluating the precision of age estimates generated by different readers and different calcified structures is an important part of generating reliable estimations of growth, recruitment, and mortality for fish populations. Understanding the potential loss of precision associated with using structures harvested without sacrificing individuals, such...


... However, accurate estimates of age and growth are imperative in understanding the reasons behind differences in PSD values. Comparable estimates of growth may not currently be available for Blue Suckers because fish have MANAGEMENT BRIEF 203 traditionally been aged using pectoral fin rays (Bednarski and Scarnecchia 2006;LaBay et al. 2011;Acre et al. 2017), but recent studies comparing the use of fin rays versus otoliths to age Blue Suckers have demonstrated that ages that are assigned using otoliths tend to be higher in larger individuals (Carlson et al. 2021;Radford et al. 2021). Although ages that are assigned by using otoliths and fin rays have not been validated for Blue Suckers, validations that have been performed for other species have demonstrated that otoliths provide more accurate age estimates (Buckmeier et al. 2002;Buckmeier and Howells 2003;Lackmann et al. 2019). ...