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The use of composite materials in additive manufacturing has significant potential and prospects for development. However, the 3D printing of composite materials also has some challenges, such as tool path planning and optimization, material distribution and planning, optimization of printing parameters, and others. Graph theory may be suitable for...
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In this paper a method of set head path optimization while SMD mounting based on modeling of this path search as a transit transportation problem and realization of appropriate spreadsheet model MS Excel Solver is presented.


... Some of them, for instance toolpath planning and optimization, material allocation and scheduling, optimizing printing parameters, can be solved using graph theory. Similar problems occur in the development of interconnection topology in 3D MID technology (Three-Dimensional Molded Interconnect Devices) of injection-molded thermoplastic circuit carriers with in-built conductive traces and pads which can be regarded as a kind of 3D PCB [4]. ...