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The authors propose a systematic, objective, and repeatable process for analyzing and measuring the staffing process and determining the agent workforce available at an outsourced contact center. The goal of this process is to determine the actual agent workforce at an outsourced contact center at a given time to allow for optimized capacity planni...
The authors propose a systematic methodology to identify problems existing in the forecasting and planning processes for service operations. This procedure enables the identification of areas where improvement is needed and also helps aid the Operations Research Analyst in the selection of appropriate tool(s) to resolve these issues. This process h...
The authors discuss an overall process for inventory management over the entire life cycle of consumer product support. Challenges and opportunities that exist in the current process are identified. The optimization techniques that fit the situation in different phases of the product life cycle (e.g., New Product Introduction (NPI) and End-of-Life...
Thesis (Ph. D.)--Texas Tech University, 1997. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 128-132).