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This prospective study was conducted on 50 pediatric patients in the age group of 0-15 years presented with nasal bleed. The study was conducted for a period of one year from July 2009 to September 2010. Descriptions of the patients (age, gender), cause of nasal bleeding, associated clinical features, treatment and results were noted. The common ca...


... The most common age group involved was 6-10 years in 27 cases, 16 cases in 11-12 years, which is similar to other studies that most common age group of nasal bleed is between 6- 10 years. 6 The area from where the nasal bleed was from little's area in septum in consistent with study by Saurabh et al, Philip et al. 7-9 The most common cause for nasal bleed in our study was idiopathic in 16 cases, bleed due to digital picking in 13 cases, upper respiratory tract infection/ acute sinusitis in 11 cases in our study. In the study by Watkinson, the majority of children having spontaneous haemorrhage is of venous origin from little's area where number of arteries anastomose forming Kiesselbach's plexus under thin mucosa, with bleeding resulting from region, exposed to dry air or minor trauma. ...