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One-dimensional and quasi-two-dimensional hydraulic freeware models (HEC-RAS, LISFLOOD-FP and FLO-2d) are widely used for flood inundation mapping. These models are tested on a benchmark test with a mixed rectangular-triangular channel cross section. Using a Monte-Carlo approach, we employ extended sensitivity analysis by simultaneously varying the...
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EXTENDED ABSTRACT Flood risk management in periurban catchments is a critical issue, mainly due to the coexistence of different land uses and their frequent interaction, which make flood risk assessment hard. For efficient flood simulations in such areas, the use of accurate and representative rainfall inputs in modelling tools is particularly impo...


... An uncertainty analysis is necessary in flood inundation modeling, for accuracy assessment [145]. The simulated flood cells were compared with the observed flood cells obtained from satellite imagery, for accuracy assessment of the inundation modeling. ...