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Not only mineralogy has a long tradition in the Carpa-thian region but mineral species, first described from here, also have their own, sometimes a long and eventful, history. A classic example is nagyágite: first found in 1747, described at the end of the 1760s, obtained its present name in 1845 but had the first reliable structural model only in...


... More than 20 occurrences of telluride mineralization are known in the Metaliferi Mountains ( Cook and Ciobanu, 2005). Deposits such as Faţa Băii, Săcărâmb and Baia de Arieş are type localities for native tellurium and telluride species such as krennerite, muthmanite, nagyágite, petzite, stutzite, museumite, sylvanite and tellurite ( Papp, 2004). Although the tellurides are most commonly observed in Au-Ag epithermal veins, the Pb-bearing Bi-telluride rucklidgeite was identified by Cook and Ciobanu (2004) in the porphyry Cu-type mineralization at Trâmpoiele, part of the Larga-Faţa Băii-Trâmpoiele porphyry-epithermal system, which shows a vertical zonation of trace element mineralogy in which Au-tellurides and native tellurium occur at shallow levels and Bi-Pb and Pb-tellurides at depth ( Cook and Ciobanu, 2004). ...