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The archipelago of the Azores is like an oasis in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Surrounded by deep waters, those islands are a “must stop” place for every traveler, including, of course, cetaceans. Around the archipelago more than 24 different species of whales and dolphins can be seen. Some of them are resident such as the common dolphin or th...


... Fin whales were recorded all over Macaronesia, but most records were gathered near the islands. In the Azores, data we collected confirm the results obtained in previous studies (González et al. 2014: that the fin whale is the most common baleen whale in the area, and has a stronger presence in spring. Around Madeira and the Canaries, although there are fewer records than in the Azores, fin whales are also common, especially in spring, in agreement with several studies carried out in these archipelagos (Freitas et al. 2004, Pérez-Vallazza et al. 2008, Carrillo et al. 2010, Pérez Vallazza 2013. ...