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L'article presente une partie des resultats de fouilles de 2008 et 2009 a Tayinat. Il se concentre sur le bâtiment XVI et l'enceinte sacree datant de la periode neo-assyrienne. Le but est de fournir la meilleure documentation possible sur le contexte archeologique ou onze tablettes cuneiformes ont ete retrouvees.


... Returning to the legal aspect of the temple, yet another cultural practice of the ancients needs to be stressed, namely, the tradition of preserving oaths of loyalty and treaties in the temple. Such practice is attested in Hittite treaties 21 and by the spectacular archaeological finds at Tell Tayinat (Harrison and Osborne 2012;Lauinger 2012). Not only does it reflect the belief that the gods were the ultimate supervisors of the treaty, but it also reveals faith in the agency of the temple as a physical environment that imbues treaties with divine sanction and authority. ...