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The authors highlight key issues from the presentations, keynote addresses, and open floor discussions at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago's eighth annual Payments Conference. The conference's agenda appears at the end of this article.
Technological innovations have enabled numerous payment methods to proliferate in the market. As a result, payment providers have to address concerns about pricing, infrastructure, and regulatory standards. To discuss these and related issues, the Chicago Fed hosted its seventh payments conference on May 10–11, 2007.


... In the banking sector, fraud can lead to loss of reputation and lead to loss of potential customers (Vousinas, 2016). In the case of fraud, banks incur high operating costs by repaying customer losses (Gates & Jacob, 2009), while bank customers experience a lot of time and emotional losses that damage the bank's relationship with the customer due to despair and confidence. Subsequently, this will increase dissatisfaction due to perceived service failures (Hoffmann & Birnbrich, 2012) and may ultimately lead to poor performance and bank failure. ...